Steemit Beta- Now Available for all with Community Features

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Hello Friends,

I got to know about Steemit Beta this post and then I checked out the portal.


I have checked all the available options on the webpage. There are many interesting things to check out in this.

Please watch this video to know more about this new Introduction on steem. I have checked out all the available features and options in this and I hope you would like to know about it. Please watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much for support. Have a great weekend.

One quick question @alokkumar121

Can one post be part of few different communities? Or just one and only one?

And also if I subscribe then to some community and new publication will be posted, then how VISIBLE is this post on my feed? I mean - will I be at least notified?

Just wondering how real visibility will increase.


Hi @crypto.piotr

We can always publish by any of the tribes as long as it is related to its theme or dynamic.

And those posts will always be VISIBLE in your feed.