We are Group of friends Clean Garbage From Beach, Meghna,Chandpur, CleanYour world (31-01-2020)

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hey whats up my all friends
Hope you are okay and also i am so fine

Today's i feeling so proud cause yesterday we are able to clean Beach with my group of friends at beach. we are clean lots of garbage from beach and fall on dustbin. You know that @cleanplanet organised peoject in this steemit platform to clean world. Its a so much initiative project. Thats why we are join here.

I think sir @theycallmedan and @threespeak platform who are join here also try to clean garbage.

contact with me by social medai
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ah.manik.3

Twitter- https://mobile.twitter.com/ahmanikdu47

Thanks for watching

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Hello ahmanik47 !
Great clean up action on the beach
So happy to see your investment.
Well, I upvote you for this Time ... but you know the rules... you may show or say the Date of your action, and show you put the trash collected in a municipality location to be sure that it won't return in Nature or in the Sea...
Thanks a lot and continue like this
100% upvote by @cleanplanet

Thanks for kind of information

Very good initiative.



Well done @ahmanik47, and a great thanks to you and your friends for cleaning up polluting garbage from that beautiful beach, it's awesome.

Made in Canva

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Great job, y'all! I'm glad to see so many friends joining in together. :)


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