RIP Customer Services / Era Of Impunity

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Coinbase and Ryanair don't care much about their customers. Why would they? There is no consequence for their current behaviour. As such, there is no reason to change.


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The impunity is definitely culpable, and the fact that we're helpless when we're dealing with financial organization like banks is even the most maddening aspect of it all, I experienced this with my mother in hospital basically the poor woman was dying and the beauracracy was crazy, blah blah blah policy this policy that.
Like you Said, a day can be significant in a Cryptocurrency market and basically being made to wait that long with no assurance of same other user experience happening to you is a new low from coinbase really. Their protection sometimes is More like slavery.

That's terrible. At least for the financial organisations, their days are numbered.

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coinbase locked my funds for 5 days and said that its for security reasons, definitely i will try other ways to buy with bank card, in bypassing coinbase

What is Customer Service??? lolz. Japan is exception to this, Japan followed by Ireland, has world best customer service, its out of this world and they do respect their own fellow citizens and thus making them one of the greatest nation on earth. Rest all places are ventured by capitalism cannibalism, sometime they don't even speak english or other native language once they hear the word "Customer Service".