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great !
hi Veryspider, how are you ? are you agree we forget the past ? life is short ! so ... love and hugs to you 💕



Hi, I don't hold grudges. It was you who muted me and asked me unfollow you, so I did.

I'm not a whale or ANY ONE important, mind you. I don't really make ANY decisions that affect other people's payouts. All I want is: to see the art community on Steemit to be supported by its members so that it can grow. Part of that means artists should be held to a standard so that potential new joiners can be assured that IF they choose to join and share their artworks here, they will also be looked after by a robust system of check and balances.

I am not seeking for profits, or upvotes. I have never taken Steems out of Steemit, and the only times Steems ever come out of my account is when I give them out to other Steemians as donations. So, no one should ever feel pressured to throw upvotes, resteems, or curations at my post as a sign of 'good will' because I don't work that way.

You seem to be primarily be concerned about getting upvotes and profiting off your posts. That's all fine, money is a necessity and I do not judge, I just think our philosophies do not align.

Thank you for visiting and commenting. Again, I don't hold grudges so don't worry about 'the past'. Just cite your sources when using reference materials and I'm sure the creative communities on Steemit will appreciate.

ah , :D your message is like a fighting . come on
you say you don't judge people , but unfortunately you do ,
anyway i just wanted to follow you Again :)

naaaaah i don’t

i have loads of friends who depends on steemit for upvotes and profits

some are even the recipients of my donations

and i actively sends them steems

actions speak louder, that way~

o, did i ask you what are you doing with your Steems?
you just wanna argue with me :D

we All are free , and it is not my bussiness what people do in their life

you make it complicated :D

enjoy your day , let's have fun .not argue eww

me: “some ppl go for profits, it’s fine, i don’t judge.”

someone: “you judge!”

me: “my actions show that i dont.”

someone: “u just wanna argue!”


me: imma stop responding now lol

really, do what you want, im not gonna respond anymore :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

i tried to buil the friendship again
ok dear . have a great day