Justin Sun & Ned Scott AMA Recording including chat and Steem chart

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What titles says. Some were wondering if it would have an affect on price while the interview was going on and questions were answered. Doubt it had much of an affect than what BTC/ETH caused it due to a possible "IOTA Hack" that may have caused a big dump. :shrug:

Anyway for those who missed it and want to see the interview, starts at around 5 minutes.

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While I was trying to decypher what Justin Sun was saying on the live stream and watching good ol Ned sweat and seeing all the bad mannered comments from steemians it dawned on me in what chaotic times we are living in. If you happen to be in crypto buckle up, nobody knows what is happening :)

Lol. That pretty well sums it up. The quote "don't quit yer day job" comes to mind xD

The future remains to be seen, but from what he/they said in there, I think this could end up being very good for steem. It sounds like it will mostly run as is but get a massive resource boost including new exchange listings, marketing, and a possible inclusion on Samsung devices for steemit.com (though I am not holding my breath on that one). Overall, I liked what I heard.

I was hoping for more info or something a bit more in depth... #dang it the 10% battery ruined everything XD

If only he had been inside in a room where you could connect it to a charger or been prepared with a full battery before the interview we'd know way more about this merger!


I watched the whole thing and found it underwhelming. More of a monologue about Sun's various products and a display of how little he knows about the Steem blockchain and what he just purchased in Steemit Inc.

My overall feeling was: Meh!

I think even Dlivers know more about Steem than the people in the AMA.


Ha! Indeed!

You are the hero we need but don't deserve! xD

Thanks for this!

04:22 Ewwww omfg. Jesus

lol didn't check but I'm assuming the sweat? xD

Hahaha he did check though, we 're good xD

Thank's @acidyo for sharing the vid - I just startet searching for it...

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Thanks for sharing the video!
I lost the first minutes and I will take a look.
I think that there are a lot of uncertainties but also a lot of potential marketing that was needed. We'll see what the future brings!

Justin doesn't seem to know what he bought, Ned didn't have a good reason for selling to him now. I'm probably more confused after watching that. How are the witnesses and app developers supposed to plan for the future, when nobody seems sure what the long term plan is?

29:47, Ned cringe wink facial... This is all a sellout. 100% and he knows it, his posture is sooo closed and just.... Insecure.
Also his personal life or other business plans he has, they don't function hand in hand.. he won't even be honest with us, which is easy, just say it was time to get out and drop it at that. Excuses like he made, forces sentiment down.... And I think he knows this too... He's trying to burn the ship before it sinks.

I saw btc dropped below 10k right when the AMA was starting or few minutes before. I am sure it had nothing to do with the AMA, but was funny to see the coincidence.

this interview cleared many points and thank you very much for this great interview, just sin every one love money, but really we love very much steem, steem is one family please if you are here now then we welcome you, hope our steem family more will grow, please do not migrate our steem community we love steem very much , t