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Congratulations to the Winner! :-) Hopefully, we see us in Bangkok!

Ok, so I was busy editing last nights recording when I notice my Steemworld was rather busy. I checked my feed and saw 2 (3 including this one) posts, noooo!

Apparently, when you stop a live recording on 3speak, it is sent to the queue for upload. The servers were busy last night and they have finally processed the streams I inadvertently made last night. Shit!

I'll burn the rewards from the first 2 posts, sorry for the mess!



At last you success make your bright livestream bro. Nice to see your efforts.thanks keep going on wait for next see another livestream.

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Based on my video output you might not have to wait long! :D

so i up voted your original content on 3speak a few days ago (along with many others) and then you down voted my original content????? Suck a donkey dick!

Rofl at the vote4vote mentality.

ROLF on the fact you cant understand that NOBODY should be downvoting legit original content. If i want that, i would go back to youtube.

You vote for me, I vote for you. You downvote me, I downvote you. Seems like a legit mindset that will take steem to the next level. Way to go

I wouldn't worry too much about @broncnutz. He is probably sour that he "invested" (read was conned) into buying VIT by Stuart Duncan and losing over 99.9% of his "investment" of around $50-100k USD.

He is a large man child that tries to use money as a way to gain some form of respect, when in reality everyone just laughs at the fat clown.

God damn, you spicy.

Looks like 3rd time was the charm, almost one whole hour, I don't think I can watch the whole thing, especially as there is no voice, no music, just the pictures.

It will be nice if/when 3speak gets the frame preview working, especially for the long vids, then people can do a scroll to the part they want to see.

edit: Okay I jumped to 20 minutes in and heard talking. so the sound works.

I had no idea that each time you stop a livestream it is put in the queue for upload :( :(

I have an edit ready to go but seems like there is no point with that now!

I jumped through, saw the winner picking process, Not a bad try for a first time live stream upload. It worked.

Yeah, lesson learned I guess!

Oh, that's cool, glad to see you in 3speak as well. We missed someone like you here. Welcome onboard.

@tipu curate 3

I think there working on the edits, sometimes ago it was said that one can now edit titles unlike before, I basically didn't hear sounds though of your activities really and I kept skipping to hear, one hour? Well that's quite lengthy stream. However I'm glad you finally got it working again.

Yea sorry about that, 3speak newb!

There's hopefully a Youtube edited version in the post now.

That's kind of you @abh12345

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Good morning.

I miss one point of information - without looking at the video - who is the winner?

So I can congratulate her / him :)

!BEER for all your efforts!

Never mind. I checked the @actifit announcement :)


Thank you for taking part!

Thank you for the administrative work.

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Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

@abh12345, Definitely great time for the Winner. Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed brother.

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Thanks @chireerocks :)

Welcome. 🙂

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Congrats to the winner @vesytz! To win the contest with only three entry tickets is very, very lucky! Fortuna was on your side! Have a nice time at the Steem Fest! Enjoy!

Thank you very much @actifit-peter 🙂! It's really Lucky and I realize it 🌞👍

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Bravo! :D

Thank you for taking part Peter!

Hi Asher good article.
Please check your Whassap!!


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Congrats to the winner! 🎉🎊

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Oh, great job on this one @abh12345 👍👍

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Finally it's over, cheers!

It was fun watching you scroll thru the names while trying to see yourself.

As you can tell, video production is not my forte :D Thanks!

Oh congratulations to the winner! 🎉🎉🎉

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