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A few minutes back my Steem reputation clicked over to 78 and that makes me the 37th wisest and most loved person on Steem.

@flamingirl is even more loved and trusted:


Yeah, reputation doesn't really mean much. Case in point:

@paulag posted about reputation a few minutes back and it reminded me of some thoughts I had and also of a screen grabs I took of some pages of Steem when I first started out that were saved for some reason as offline copies.

An account less than a year old with a rep of 65+ for sure smells like a bidbot user.

I don't have the phone anymore but these were from somewhere around the end of March to mid-April 2017 and since I joined at the tail end of January, it means that my reputation went from the starting 25 to 64 in about 3 months.

These were the kinds of results I was getting:

Look at this beast!

Now, the thoughts Paula reminded me of were from a couple days ago when I was thinking about those early months on Steem when I was still green, and Steemit was still blue. I didn't know about voting trails, I didn't know there were such things as automated comments, I didn't know about the circlejerks and the abuse of trusted stake being used to empower a small group charged to distribute Steem, didn't know about the politics, or witnesses, didn't know how the voting worked, or about stake, didn't know how to get steem on or off the platform, didn't know about blockchains or cryptocurrencies, didn't know about even a little of very much. I was so very, very naive.

Good times.

and how times have changed.

Now I don't much of anything other than these things. However, I haven't changed much of my behavior on the platform and for coming up to 3 years, I have written what I like, voted what I want, and interacted as me. I have fought for things, I have fought against thing, I have added very personal content and I have written an absolute mass on, about and most importantly, for Steem and, I think that while some might disagree, I have earned my reputation.

One of my favorite quotes of the last few months is from Ricky Gervais:

“Reputation is what strangers think of you and character is what your friends know you are”

While I have earned my reputation on Steem, I think that my character hasn't been hidden away in an attempt to defraud the good people of Steemlandia into thinking I am something I am not. I haven't plagiarized, I haven't stolen, I haven't abused a delegation, I haven't thrown a hissy fit when my posts do poorly, I haven't been in a voting circle (I have turned one or two down though), I haven't link dropped in chats, I haven't freaked out during a hardfork, rage quit as prices dropped, cried at flags and while I can get frustrated, I have been pretty well behaved in general.

All I have done is what I do.

I write, I interact, I try to help some people where I can. KISS, I have kept it simple stupid.

Perhaps that is the problem.

Everyone loves a comeback story. So much so, some people have quit for greener pastures only to come back to Steem, 2, 3 or 4 times already. My heroes.

It is a funny thing that you see played out especially in the media and on the internet when some star has bravely fought drug addiction, alcoholism or wife beating to come back better than ever - applauded, revered, a survivor. How come no one gives a shit about all the people who never became an alcoholic, drug-taking, wife beater in the first place?


People who aren't big enough assholes in some way don't get the attention of the masses because well, they blend into the masses of people. These days being an ass is about the only skill that doesn't get old as when it comes to the creative talents, it gets old very fast, and copied even faster.

I remember one famed Steemian at SteemFest in Poland who after a few drinks at a bowling alley came to me and said that they had tried to match my output, and didn't last the week. It ain't easy being green.

I think that my greenness is one of the reasons I like this place so much because rather than know it all, each day I can come here and learn something new, about something new and in many ways, it is what keeps me "young".

"You don't stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running."
Christopher McDougall

This is where my thoughts had started the other day as I have for over a year now tried to cut down on my content creation and just chill, but I can't. It isn't an addiction, but it is compelling and I get so much value out of the process that I find that I don't think clearly when I haven't written enough for a day or two.

I also feel that if I stop, I might never start again.

I haven't missed a day unless forced by the chain being down (too often) in over two years and even the times when my daughter has been in hospital I have posted, because it helps me though my thoughts. While people worry about earnings and I write about those aspects too, the real value for me is that writing helps me be a better person and Steem gives me the tools and incentives I need to keep going.

Steeming is a flow state for me and while I struggle to get a page out at work, I can write non-stop on Steem - no matter what my mental condition is at any given time. While I have put time, effort and a fair amount of money into Steem, the return on investment is an immediate and direct improvement in myself, my thoughts, my feelings, my attitude of the future and the knowledge and motivation to find a pathway to get there.

If I was here and didn't feel there was the possibility to improve myself and the general conditions, I wouldn't do it and while strangers might see my reputation, those who know me my character - the only thing I know is that if I am going to work at something, I m going to do my best.

Even if my best isn't good enough.

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But deserved, if we're talking proof of work here. Don't know anybody else who posts like this. I've told you a lot that even for the motivational value if not the actual perspective on everything, there's a reason to read all those. I got tabs open with unread posts of yours, waiting their time :)

I got tabs open with unread posts of yours, waiting their time :)

Close them all, do something useful with your time instead.

Finding out new things is the most useful thing I can think of in general. I gotta find out how I will manage to do all that needs to be done tomorrow when I have only about 18 hours awake with 10 of them an assignment...Also gotta prepare some best five of me for my part in an exhibition but I don't want to repeat already exhibited stuff. Here, what's written is half done ;) Right? No...But good night, anyway :)

Good luck with all that! :D

Good night.

Seems like post recycling is a thing.

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ha yeah. the odd repost is fine from time to time, but that account has been scammy for a very long time. Glad it was finally taken care of.

No more sock puppet after HF22?

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There are still a few operating out there and some very large ones from what I have seen, but as the drop away of the bidbot voted posts has happened, more of them have come into the light. At least some of them have changed their behavior to some degree for the better, not all though.

Probably, since now big ones are the target, smaller ones are still in action. Hope after a while more are going to stop.

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It is a process that takes time to filter through the entire field, but it is moving faster than I expected and uncovering more than I thought it would. Nice to see some changes.

Good changes especially considering we are only 2-3 weeks after the fork.

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This is where my thoughts had started the other day as I have for over a year now tried to cut down on my content creation and just chill, but I can't. It isn't an addiction, but it is compelling and I get so much value out of the process that I find that I don't think clearly when I haven't written enough for a day or two.

This is quite plainly obvious in the way you write, which is why your posts are generally very enjoyable to read. Your content is seldom purely Steem-centric. When you write about Steem you never discuss it as something separate from the rest of your life. It is important to discuss the ways in which Steem can add value to our lives and not just monetarily.

Your content is seldom purely Steem-centric.

It would drive me crazy if it was. What I find is that because of the economy and community here, much of Steem mirrors real life and while perhaps I might be looking for similarities, I do tend to find a lot of parallels. It is one of the reasons I am so bullish on steem as work it out here, work it out there.

An organic 73 for me. It could have been higher but I didn't use OCD. I only said that because it rhymed.

I'm taking the day off today, from posting. Coming back from a long break is difficult. The last month or more of my most recent long break, every day, all I did was think about coming back. The thoughts wouldn't leave my mind but it was difficult to get back into the groove. The part of the break where I was away from all internet connections was nice. I don't think that's for everyone though.

I'd be around 75 or so if not for ocdb I think, but it is because I post so much, even though my earnings haven't really been anything to write home about on an individual post, most of the time.

I could quite happily do off internet for a while, though I think the first day might be hard. I have sometimes thought about taking a week off and still writing but, it makes no sense really.

When the thoughts don't leave the mind, it is best to process them.

For a long time, with my one post per day approach, it felt like I was going in reverse. That number did not want to move! lol

While I was away, the day felt less rushed. Fewer distractions meant I could focus more on one thing at a time, even if it was something simple like slowly waking up and getting a coffee. I was more in the moment. Those were the thoughts I'd process.

Now I have the reverse problem. I came here to write about teaching myself Python by posting my code journey and I just haven't given myself the kick to do it. I have met some awesome people and learnt something new each day, so not a complete waste, but that is just another excuse.

I just need to stop saying tomorrow and make it today. Thanks for a place to try my hand at writing and to come out of my shell some.

Get on it. I think part of the problem with many is that when posting a theme, they themselves feel the repetition and the audience doesn't respond so much so it feels a bit pointless. I enjoy writing, but I also enjoy interacting and having a little fun around the place, exploring the corners and discussing what I find. I like to integrate parts of my life and interests into each post in some way so I myself can relate to it. I find those who just tell the news, don't seem to love what they do and that shows in the way they approach their audience.

I have so many similar memories from when it was all blue.. Keep doing what you do is all we can do. :O)

One day there will be themed retro days to return the UI to what it was... it won't be hard ;D

Damn you look old :-/

Not as old as I feel....

78 is still a nice number to look at here though 👏

If I remember correctly, each lever is 1.5x harder to get than the last. it moves pretty slowly now.

I'll just have to upgoat you more often then :)

Got a smile out of me on this @tarazkp

”… my Steem reputation clicked over to 78 and that makes me the 37th wisest and most loved person on Steem. “

… as can there be any doubt you are ”the 37th wisest and most loved” … 😉

I also smiled at the “occasional writer” detail in your profile image (at rep 64). Not sure of your mindset, at that point, but I have never known you to be anywhere close to that!

I did like the quote from Ricky Gervais, as my own experience in life is that character tells you everything you need to know about a person. Now … How do we go about determining that in a “virtual world?” Still working on that …

That said …

”… I think that my character hasn't been hidden away in an attempt to defraud the good people of Steemlandia into thinking I am something I am not. “

… I can vouch for this. And that is one of the principal reasons I read what you write, as often as I have the time. Even if it is two days later … 😉

Great job reaching a 78, even with all the caveats you’ve placed in this post. Even with its known limitations, it does have some value, so I’d encourage you to take some credit!

All the best to you @tarazkp!

I think some people took it seriously :D

Not sure of your mindset, at that point, but I have never known you to be anywhere close to that!

I only changed it relatively recently but in the beginning my plan was to write once or twice a week, then it become 4-5, then every day....then...

I can't fake it too much, I meet people in the real world too.

Thanks, I generally don't take praise well :D

Yep, understood @tarazkp ...

"Thanks, I generally don't take praise well :D"

... as I can be harder on myself than anyone else (no, that is not a challenge ... 😉), but from "the outside" that is not so easily discerned. If you had the opportunity, you could ask my beloved life mate. She knows me better than anyone (just celebrated 43 yrs. of uhhh ... "wedded bliss" 😉).

"... in the beginning my plan was to write once or twice a week, then it become 4-5, then every day....then..."

Yes, I never came close to your output level, but in the beginning, I was almost obsessed with my content creation. I had to step (way) back from that, though, as I did not find it to be healthy. For me anyway ...

Reputation is the absolutely most important thing here, yet I see no one even talking about solutions to it. I somewhat regret starting this game instead of working on my reputation idea. This is especially true considering the new 50/50 curation system.

Decentralized reputation is where it's at. I still haven't flagged anyone. If my rep system was in place I'd be able to give people who I value the permissions to cast my vote. There are a bunch of free resources on the table right now that aren't being utilized because of a lack of organization.

I agree, though not in its current form. One day there will be more data that forms it that more accurately describes trust.

Hard work paid off😉Well done!

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Well, I have a high rep, not sure about paid off :D

Organic 63 for me after 11 months...

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I think the reason it moves slower now is that there are more real users contributing and less stake paying attention, but unsure.

I'm also not exactly sure, I'd assume there's multiple reasons but my first thought is it's a generational thing.

If we look at each year of steem as its own generation it makes sense that arriving just after the HF that aimed to kill spammers with RCs made steem a very tough nut to crack. Especially for someone taking the organic approach strictly to serve as a litmus test of the ecosystem for potential "mass adopters"

There were no upvotes coming from any accounts over a low 50s for months really with a couple exceptions. Those exceptions also landed me in the crossfire of a heated flag war. I've only seen the tremendous effect of large votes from accounts over 70 recently.

Previous to the last HF it was a snails crawl to climb from 57 to 58 etc.
Generally unless I know the account is in my generation and is also an organic user I don't see rep as anything more than a number. I base my respect and value of accounts off of their behavior, which required being an active and engaging steemian.

Respect to you for replying and I appreciate your positivity that is not over the top or crowd pleasing for personal gain. You genuinely see potential here as do I...

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Happy 78 @tarazkp!! It took me a year and some months to get to 64. I just got to 65 yesterday. I know I am at 65 now because I am not a regular poster. There are times I post twice a day and there are times I post 5 times a week. Output determines how quick reputation rises, that is if one is not using bidbots or is not posting like you @tarazkp.

I think one of the reasons why I don't post regularly is my content. My major content as you know is poetry and prose and I worry that too much of it would make my work unappreciated. A gap between each posts gives the posts some time in the limelight before hidden by the next one. My idea maybe wrong but I want each poem or piece of fiction to be read and appreciated as much as possible before I distract my readership base with another piece.

65 rep is a whole lot. Posting here is the longest continuous writing process I have engaged in and despite every other thing going on on the blockchain space, it has kept my writing experience enjoyable and enabled me to experiment with it and create new things and that is the best reward I have received from this place. if not for the steem chain, I won't be writing by now.

Happy 78. You were 70 when I started following you. I was 25 rep then. Now my rep is 60 after 19 months of being on steem. I'm still figuring out ways to be successful and get at least one post noticed by everyone in the community enough to get good engagement.

I read "undeserved" initially and I was like I hope you're not talking about yourself there XD

It isn't an addiction, but it is compelling

That's what they all say, along with "I can stop whenever I want" ;D There's definitely much worse things you could be doing :) And now I shall chortle at the price reading 12.34 at the time I'm doing this comment because small things.

Just by commenting you are enabling me, so I blame my audience for my illness. :)

There are worse things I do could be doing.

Now Steemit turns green, and your post makes me feel blue. ;)

I hear purple is the colour of sexual frustration.