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RE: The nonsense that are "Goodbye posts" // Why you shouldnt blame it on STEEM

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A well thought out and nicely written post. I enjoyed reading it.

When Steem was doing well, everyone was happy. Now that it is not doing well, people complained and blamed it on a host of things that are not necessary the reason for the poor performance of Steem.

It is understandable if people are disappointed with how things turned out. And if they want to leave, leave. Why would they want to run the place down - the place where they were once full of praise. ?


Steem is unfortunately greatly affected by the price changes. My point is that even though you might say that you remained because you love the community and the people, many of those people are indeed motivated by the monetary aspect to a greater degree then they are willing to admit. Wanting to make money is in no way a negative thing.
So when they leave you start losing parts of that community you claim to love. Indirectly, the price has affected you as well.

Thats whats happening in cases like this imo. And thats fine. My issue is with folks blaming it on the inherent characteristics of Steem, thus spreading fud and negative sentiment.

Hi @lordbutterfly. Thank you for your reply.
Oh yes, I understand what you are saying. 😊 Their leave will impact the platform, no doubt, but that can't be helped. That's why I said, if they want to leave, just leave. No need to bad mouth the platform. 😊