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RE: The nonsense that are "Goodbye posts" // Why you shouldnt blame it on STEEM

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I do hate it when people generalise everyone. I am not having fun becomes nobody has fun etc. The bear hurts everyone. There is still fun to be had and no need to be involved in drama. I think people who get buried in discord make a rod for their own back. I still have fun here! I think you sum up the situation well :0)


Misery loves company. Thats the saying.
Why not simply admit that youre burned out instead of trying to place blame on the platform. You liked it once, what is it exactly that went down hill? I call BS on that simply because it has never been worse then a year ago. No development, layoffs, price hit, etc.
The improvement is evident but due to price decrease communities fall apart.

Once upon a time you had SP holders that were millionaires, a number of accounts had 500$ upvotes. Its extremely easy to build communities with that kind of firepower.
Once that goes away those that were here simply for that reason will leave and your community will take a hit, with that your own motivation.
Realizing that is the only way to build up immunity against it.
As i said... Those that stay will be foundation of Steems future and will profit greatly once/if the alt market recovers.
Thats simply a fact.

Agreed. Some people love to produce content but when you throw money into the mix people fell the need to produce content daily. Then when the bear comes dancing and the money fades out people can get jaded with the constant need to produce. Even though there isn't really a need except for the money that they feel they can be missing out on.

I get tired of people rage quitting and blaming the platform. I am always of the opinion that if you want to go, just go. If you don't like the drama why make a drama out of going?