Sunday Morning Thoughts

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Back to work

Tomorrow marks Eighteen days since my third and hopefully last knee surgery. It also will be the day I return to work (light duty for at least four more months) I can’t say I am exited about this but we need the extra income so it’s off to work I go. Until now I have been on Temporary disability where I earned 70% of my regular pay.

For all the faults of my workplace having that disability safety net has been a blessing. That means I did not have to use up all of the vacation hours I have earned (I had to use one week at least) and it allowed me more time to rest and heal and more time to spend with my son and parents.


More Steem!

I am glad Steem is on the rise but can't it wait a few more weeks 😁

Tomorrow I also I will be able to buy and power up around 300 Steem. (followed by a few more small bump ups over the next week or so) Brick by brick building a strong foundation to support my future steem plans.

It feels good to know I’m investing in myself and this community. All to often, before Steem, I would spent a staggering amount on material possessions that never brought me long lasting fulfillment. Once the shiny new phase had worn off they become another part of the cluttered background.

I don’t want this to turn into a things-I-regret post here, no need for that. I was who I was when I bought those objects and now I am who I am now when I want to abandon them for a more fulfilling journey.

I’m not becoming a minimalist. but sitting here it’s hard recall the last physical purchase that brought me happiness. My running shoes maybe? The funny thing there (or not so funny) is that I paid $109.00 for the shoes ON SALE and just two weeks ago my parents found a new pair on Nikes running shoes at a garage sale for… $0.50

I don’t even want to think about all the money my wife and I spent on booze over the years (back when I drank to much) granted Steem was not around back then but I still could have used at least a good chunk of that money to invest into myself. To pay off school loans or to live off of so I would not have had to work and go the school…ah, tainted memories…

But forget the past. It’s gone - history, for-get-about-it! I (we) are living in the here and now. New opportunities emerge everyday. And I want to explore those. See what roads they lead me down. Sure, some will be dead ends but others - other will lead to amazing places.

Closing thoughts

"Discipline equals freedom" - those are not my words but that of ex Navy Seal JOCKO WILLINK. It's fitting thought because I feel I need to return to a sense of self discipline if I am to not only pursue my goals on #steem but in my personal life too.

I have wallowed long enough in self pity. and have allowed my strict Vegan diet to waver (not meat thought - NEVER meat) as well as more morning meditation practice and the number of words I require from my self everyday.

It's scary how fast we can fall when we do not ask much of ourselves. When we allow negativity to speak for our actions.

Yep, even though I am returning to work - tomorrow is going to be a great day.


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3rd time's a charm? Get well soon!
Also thinking that self-pity is your personal progress' worst enemy, but the best friend in terms of a cheap brain mechanic, that prohibits you from changing anything and blaming everyone else around for your situation.
Sometimes it simply is tough to get rolling again, but once you got the momentum it feels pretty good and easy :)

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