An introvert walks in to a bar, sees people..... then leaves

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A few months ago my new cordless drill stopped taking a charge while plugged in. There was barely enough of a charge to drill a screw into a wall. I tried to charge it over night-nothing. It was not until a few days later when my father pointed out that I had been using the wrong adapter to charge it with. I was reminded of a valuable lesson that day. -Not everything (or everybody) recharges the same way.

The term “In a crowded you I’m still alone” could be my motto. I think the number one misconception other people have of me is that I am a shy person. This in not true, but I can understand how they may think that. I usually do appear reserved or timid. maybe even nervous to the onlookers who didn’t know me. but that’s just my physical appearance, my mind was always moving, thinking, processing and pondering. To bad I couldn’t have made a career from that back then.

Even the days before Facebook and Twitter and even Myspace and now Steem. I never felt the need to add my two cents into everything, I just didn’t care. but that is what we were suppose to be doing. Talking, laughing, sharing. and if you didn’t want to then there was obviously something wrong. You were deemed shy and withdrawn. how dare you?

I watched a TED talk once where the speaker talked about the main difference between introverts and extroverts. They said that the two groups simply had different ways of recharging their batteries. I am paraphrasing that but I think you get the idea. I was, and still am to a point constantly in a situation where my internal batteries are just not getting enough of a charge. That leads to poor performances, depression and an all around not fun to be around kinda guy.

Being aware of this at this at least helps somewhat. like the drill at the beginning, most days it seems my batteries only get a partial charge- always the wrong environment or people.

I have began to change this over the last few years. It's like the 5x5 rule. I can't remember who came up with that and I am to lazy to look it up myself right now, but it states that we are the sum of the five people we associate with most (this could also be applied to the top 5 things we eat, think, do, consume ect..)

so I stopped much of the activities that drained me. I stopped or reduced speaking to the people who drained me just by being around them. I ate healthier, drank less and stopped consuming so much garbage. I started finding better people to follow on-line (#new steem and down votes seems to be making this easier by allowing us to see better content as opposed to juck)

More importantly I became more aware of what charged me and what left me drained. and for me that means less.

We can not avoid everything that sucks the life out of us, but we can stack on better things to over power the negative.


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