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I purchased an e-book: Short story collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I do not know who published this, if it was thrown together by a third party or if the rightful people received the payment (ninety-nine cents minus fees). I could have looked into this matter more before purchasing, but the lure of reading Fitzgerald that night over took me — a forgivable sin.

The e-book was not what I was looking for originally. I had Hemingway in mind, but only as a jumping off point. Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Bradbury, Salinger, Steinbeck,Gertrude Stein; any of these writers would work. I want physical books, but for now the cheaper e-book counterparts will have to do. After all, it is the writing I am after.

I found this short story collection of Fitzgerald’s works. I was surprised at the number of negative reviews. I scrolled down to check out a few.

The comments started out well. Praise for his style and imagination. At least one or two of the early comments expressed gratitude for having such a collection or how they were able to re-read his stories after so many years. Then came the one and two star reviews.

Not all of the negative reviews are unfounded. This particular e-book collection did not contain as many of his works as a previous print book this represented as well sporting as a new book cover. I don’t like that myself because the story I was after was not included, still ninety-nine cents for nineteen short stories written by Fitzgerald? I’ll take that.

Apparently others do not agree with me. For them, or at least a few who rated the book with a disappointing one or two stars, felt the need to complain about the apparent typos this version contained. (I found no typo's myself)

While I can understand wanting a quality product, I would like to ask them: What did they expect when a quality product is given away dirt cheep?

I believe the person who threw this book together did not have the best interests of the reader in mind. It was a cash grab, a fool on the Amazon search engine and the readers who expected more for less.


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more for less

It is this mentality that supports the conglomerates who have scales of economy over their supply chains, and crushes the independents and artisans.

It's one of the reasons I stopped buying anything off of Amazon. I now try to buy from smaller local places when ever possible. Usually higher prices but well worth it I think.