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Australia is a curious place...Full of curious people...Take that phrase how you will folks, but take it from me, someone who was born and bred here...Aussies can be a strange bunch.

I know people from other countries have their own unique idiosyncrasies however Aussies tend to take it to a level over and above the rest...We're a sarcastic, irreverent bunch of larrikins and rarely, if ever, apologise for that fact. I think this is why we are universally loved by all. 😂

Need proof? Ok, you asked for it. Well, you didn't ask for it per se, however you clicked on my post and you're going to get it now anyway; The proof...

Boobs on a tree.

Pretty good ones too...Although the one on the right looks somewhat disproportionate to the left; Boobs are boobs though right?

Why has this tree got boobs, you may wonder...Well, because some sarcastic, irreverent, larrikin Aussie painted them on of course. Having said that, the tree did provide two pert-looking orbs just crying out to be boobyfied! The boob-artist simply, and quite creatively, added some colour and boobs were the result.

I don't know who the artist was as they didn't sign their masterpiece although I think they did a pretty good job. And before you suggest it no, it wasn't me who created this masterpiece although had I done so I would be pretty pleased with myself because it's kinda funny.

Anyway, I came across this interesting street art on my travels yesterday and had to pull over to grab a snapshot...Had I not you would probably never have believed that Aussie trees have boobs. I thought it would be a good little opportunity to lighten the mood here a little too as things in the real world are getting pretty heavy.

I wondered if I should add the NSFW tag but decided against it because, these two boobish things are not really boobs at all, they are part of a tree painted to look like boobs. Just saying...

In conclusion I can say, without a doubt, that money doesn't grow on trees, but boobs do. 😃

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well


If there's one thing I've learned from following your journeys, is that Australians are weird. But you're still a lovely bunch of cunts (that's a compliment ), so keep doing what you do! 😂

Haha, I'll take your compliment with much gratitude. Lol.

Hope lockdown is treating you well

Been doing okay so far, thanks :-)


Typical huh?

That's Aussies 😁

Boob trees. Sure, why not. :)

The more boobs the better...Could be worse, could be that disgusting graffiti people scribble all over the place in many cities of the world.I know what I'd rather.

 11 months ago 

Quarantine, day 4.

There is a different kind of Boob out here on the road......

They walk upright, talk and drive trucks....

And they are not very good at it.... LoL

Haha, nice look mate.

So, you're still driving right? Is there state line closures?

Not yet. Talk of it. I am running "el loco..."

Staying within 5 hr. radius. In case of lockdown. I will not be quarantined in a Fucking Truck Stop parking lot.!

Blue Skies Alabama 95019.jpg

ps. I hope they get the damn PEAKD Fo-Toe deal straight.... I can picture You turning your head sideways to look at em.....

That photo of your rig gives me a horn...A sideways one. Lol.

I wondered why you post sideways like that. Must be a phone-posting thing?

Stay safe mate, and keep the shiny side up...Stay vigilant and get home when you can.

I love it 😂
it's a legendary one for sure..!

Would love to make it to Australia one day, and particularly in your town :-)

Keep the good work up !

Yeah, it's a bit of a laugh huh?

Australia is a pretty interesting place so hopefully you can make it here for a look.

Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.

definitely, I will look closer to French trees ;)

I have to make a visit in the Oceania region, attract me since I'm young !


Boobs, when found in any location, are legit. Lol.

that's for sure ... ! 😂