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With my household income drying up rapidly due to virus restrictions my wife and I spent today taking a look at our position; Essentially our expenses now, and where we may be able to limit them moving forward into a cash-flow poor situation.

We have spent most of our lives being, what is colloquially referred to here as, Aussie Battlers; Basically normal every-day, hard working Australians. We have managed to get in front at times, been knocked back down and scrambled again to a neutral or slightly in front position in the last 6 years through sheer hard work and determination. Now...We have to re-evaluate as no income means we will have difficulty paying our expenses, like many others.

We don't have an extravagant lifestyle, are not drinkers or smokers and certainly not gamblers so from that aspect we are fortunate. We have a mortgage though and that's got to get serviced, along with insurances and other month-to-month commitments.

Because I like to be a little ahead of the game I decided to make a call to the bank in respect of our mortgage. Below is the time I was on the phone...Two hours thirty one minutes and 51 seconds...That's when the bank simply disconnected me. In that time I spoke to a grand total of zero people. It was all hold time. (The G-dog was not happy bout dat.)

I get it, they are busy...I guess they'll take note, and call me directly, when I fail to make my next mortgage payment though.

Whilst I was on the phone with the bank Faith was on hold with her superannuation fund about an unrelated matter. I ended up speaking with them also, whilst simultaneously on hold with the bank, and the operator suggested the option of drawing some money out of my superannuation to assist in this virus-affected period which is a possible option I suppose.

The government have announced a penalty (tax free) opportunity for people to remove $10,000 from their super fund to use now...Although it's not penalty free really as those funds are there for the future; Taking them now means they are not there in the future and I'm reluctant to do so. I will have to though of course, if things roll out long enough; I will simply have no choice.

We like to think we're pretty savvy when it comes to our finances and we tend to focus on investments more than feel-good spending. We live a pretty comfortable life, have hobbies, the ability to travel and to enjoy a few things here and there; It's pretty comfortable...As long as we have income.

I'm not sure how this is all going to play out. We will survive it of course, the financial situation and probably the virus too, with a little luck; There are people worse off than we are for sure. That doesn't negate the situation we are in though or make it feel less important to us. It also doesn't mean we feel the stress any less keenly than others. We'll make it through though, and at the moment I'm doing a good reasonable barely satisfactory job at controlling my anger level at all of this...I keep seeing our future dwindling away and that simply makes me angry.

So, I hope you guys are in a better situation and have some strategies around dealing with any financial (or emotional) complications around this global media-hyped virus situation. Now...It's time to get back on the phone and try my bank again.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well


I think a lot of people are going to run into problems before too long. I know that over here banks will be freezing mortgage repayments and some loans for this period until the economy get going again to give people a chance.
Hopefully your government will work out a similar deal as a lot of people are going to be suddenly unemployed for a couple of months at a minimum if not permanently.
I hope you can stay on track as there are tough times ahead for everybody.

Similar measures will happen here but it's not a government decision, the banks have to make that call. I will be able to go down that path...If I can manage to actually speak to them, which is proving quite difficult.

It'll work out, or I'll simply stop paying and they can chase me.

So, I hope you guys are in a better situation and have some strategies around dealing with any financial (or emotional) complications around this global media-hyped virus situation.

I'm actually not and as I said it multiple times on and off my blog I believe that the repercussions of this pandemic will be way worse than the virus itself.

I don't know personally anyone that has or had this virus but I have a friend who has a friend and that guy's mama, who is over 90 got it. If she makes it than it's all just a shit.

What I know for sure is that my short term future is really fucked up financially. I'm unemployed, I can't leave the country and the tourism that I was betting on to make some money in spring summer and the beginning of autumn is pretty much screwed.

And the police fines me from getting out of the house without their damn emergency state papers.

My conspirator mind tells me that some powerful guys that we don't get to see on TV are playing the magicians right now showing us the hand with some virus, that supposedly kills people, people that nobody knows about, while they take down economies and destroy our finances while constricting our freedom on the way.

It's too much FUD around and I don't like that at all. I do like UK's attitude towards Corona and Sweden's also. However hotels and tourism are suffering everywhere so it's gonna be a global crisis after all.

It's a bad situation for sure. Many around the world are suffering, and will suffer more in the future, because of this virus and the response to it.

I don't know if it's a fabricated thing to introduce some control and help the ultra-rich to get richer, but it sounds like something they'd do.

Many that I've been spoken to, and are no TV consumers believe that it's about much more than just a virus quite similar to flu or a bit stronger.

Yes, I have had a lot of conversations around that concept also. And yet the world has gone mad...And we, the little people, suffer.

The little people unfortunately are not coming together and showing the middle finger to bankers and world leaders that treat us like hamsters. The little people don't read beyond the lines and don't question too much. They're busy with facebook, youtube, netflix, PS and so on... We're being divided and conquered unfortunately...

I agree of course, but it's the little people that have the ability to do something...But don't. Too busy taking selfies, subscribing to consumerism and too afraid to miss out on something.