Little ants

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I haven't left my house now for three days which is extremely unusual for me. I'm not going stir-crazy though, I'm working at my job and around the house keeping fairly busy. I have some fall-back activities too: Netflix, payTV, Lego, reading, boardgames, YouTube, playing with my cats, making ammunition in my workshop, cleaning guns, doing dry-fire draw and target acquisition with my handguns, chatting on the phone, cuddling with Faith and, of course, blogging just to name a few.

We're fortunate to have a little bit of room outside and I've been spending a bit of time out there in the garden under a huge shade umbrella we have...I set myself up with computer, some drinks and all-important snacks and away I go. It has been quite nice really, considering the mid-20 degree weather we have been having as summer gives way to autumn.

Within my home, in my garden, life seems...Well, quite comfortable, almost peaceful I'd say, but outside it's a whole different thing I suppose.

There's fights over toilet paper, panic buying causing shortages, fear and uncertainty over health and financial matters, mis-information, government restrictions on movement and commercial trade, job losses...And of course, people dying...Sounds typically human though.

Humans have always fought over things, been afraid and have acted accordingly, have worried over health and finances and of course, governments have *always restricted the populace. Humans will always die too...Seems SNAFU to me...Situation normal, all fucked up.

Yesterday I watched a bunch of ants going about their day; It seemed a perfectly calm and ordered process in which they got on with the task at hand, worked individually and collectively towards a common goal and moved themselves and their nest closer to the attainment of that goal. They were oblivious of me, or at least didn't care I watched them...They just applied their effort, harmoniously and with the end-goal in mind and moved along bit by bit with no trumpeting fanfare or need for recognition. I assume they'll be doing the same even now as I type this; Moving their anty-society forward day by day. The image is one of the ants I was watching yesterday...His name is Bob...Just an everyday sort of ant, no one special, and yet an integral part of the community.

I think humans could learn a lot from ants. Don't you?

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well