Here to there

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Is the destination the reward or should one find value in the journey to that destination? Tomorrow isn't promised; Live your best version of life today.


I'm a glass half empty kind of guy, but also a life is the journey kind of guy, who also likes to put his feet when he arrives

Sounds legit...I think maybe people swing from one to the other over life depending upon circumstances and situations? Maybe.

I have always thought that, the most beautiful and to learn, is in the way that we undertake, the reward is all that we live during that journey. Many situations in life at the end, seem not to have the reward that motivated us to make the journey, but many times that path, leaves us great and valuable things, people, learning. I love the picture and I also love to greet you dear friend, with all this hurricane of changes these days, I had not visited your publications that always leave something nice and pleasant to read. A hug for you and the best vibe. @galenkp

Hi Mary and thanks for your comments and well-wishes also.

Yes, we are certainly facing a difficult time right now and it's important to remember that life is a journey, not just the destination. It's important to focus on the destination, (our goals) but also to enjoy and value the journey (life itself.)

Thank you again and be well Mary. Stay safe.