Coffee dreams

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I find it strange that the most simplest of life's activities, a coffee and cake in a café, can seem like such an enjoyable thing when one is locked down due to the virus. It's something to look forward to though and that thought of it can go a log way towards keeping ones' spirits up.


Good day @galenkp, nothing like a good cup of coffee to get your day started.
I hope our "blacklist" status can be figured out soon. I am unable to post on hive and steemit now, so depressed.

I think the hive thing was simply about your tokens right? You can still post, unless I'm mistaken. And steem? Why would you not be able to post here?

Hello @galenkp, yeah I know it's weird but I cannot post on steemit or hive.
Don't get this at all. I have had upvotes on hine blog but I cannot claim. I got NO matching hive for my steem b/c I guess, I voted for a witness or maybe a few, to tell you the truth, we were away and we saw quickly on steemit, vote for witnesses to stop hostel takeover. I only had voted for 2 witnesses before that. the sweed and I were just following others directions. Stupid of us, I should have stayed out of it completely, but I was trying to help my communities. Got burned, so I am probably done, my son said hive as well as steemit sound too much like centralization.
It's a shame, I loved the platform and my friends.
At a lose.

I can't see any reason why you can't post on hive or steem. Maybe clear your cache, log out and log in again if you haven't already. See if that works. Maybe try peakd or busy also?

The voting for the witness thing...Yeah, some others got caught out, I guess one of the dangers of listening to the hype. I delegate my voting to someone I trust so I never have to worry about it...I just enjoy the fun of blogging and leave the power-plays to those well above me on the blockchain food chain.

Your son's comment...I guess you guys can feel however you wish...Steem certainly has demonstrated its centralized nature, hive has not in my opinion. Still, it's your choice to pursue it or not...I mean you can always use Facebook and instagram...Oh no, they're centralised.

It would be a shame for you to simply give up as I think you would find a nice place on hive (or steem if that's what you prefer) and could find some enjoyment.

I hope you push on and solve the issues, and if you decide against it I wish you and sweed all the best.

I love drink this coffee

Yeah, it's good huh?