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Hey guys- back to some video editing work- and today, I wanted to help out someone who I am proud to call my friend. @wesphilbin - has been extremely helpful in my on boarding to Steem, and has an amazing heart and soul. All he wants is to spread love and positivity and knowledge to all Steemians. He started a #thoughtfuldailypost project to help spread his mission. Go check it out- and feel free to create your own thoughtful post. And while your at it- come join the Steem Terminal Discord where you will often find Wes and his comrades helping answering questions and building a community. I'm there a lot too!

"Perception without mindfulness keeps us on the surface of things, and we often miss other levels of reality"

Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom by Joesph Goldstein

As we go through life we build these deep seeded perceptions that add layers and layers of thick metaphorical goop that steals beauty away from everyday life. To practice mindfulness clears up that goop and allows us to be more receptive to synchronous beauty. We hold on to this perception of a limited "fantasy self", that is merely an illusion. But with each breath- we are truly given the opportunity to break this bond- and begin the journey of deconstructing the notion of "self". You are not "who you were yesterday", you are not "that failed project", you are not "that name that someone called you", you are not "unworthy of this or that". Invest in mindfulness and your return will be illuminating. Thanks for listening.

 last year 

This is wonderful! What a great tribute to @wesphilbin and his #thoughtfuldailypost project! ☺

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