#ThoughfulDailyPost time -- #3, Sept 4th -- What to do when STEEM blockchain goes down?!!

Time to Reflect & Unwind, it's #ThoughfulDailyPost Time!

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Today I am thoughtful that there are so many great communities a part of STEEM that can be found outside of STEEM, like on Discord. If not for them and their welcoming attitudes I'd have been so bored and upset with the downtime on STEEM.

@steemterminal is one of my favourite places to hangout, and you can join them too by clicking the banner in the footer of this post!

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Discord Communities Off the Clock

So you might be wondering how to pass the time while STEEM goes down for maintenance.. It's unfortunate that STEEM can't go into 'Read Only' mode during this time but alas, catching up with reading old posts we've bookmarked will have to be pushed back again..

There are two Discord servers where I like to hangout: The Rambling Radio, mostly on Thursday's where @shadowspub hosts PYPT (Pimp Your Post Thursday) but there are some other shows throughout the week that may be of interest to you. Really, anytime there is a show going on at Ramble Radio is one you won't want to miss!

I'm always eager for PYPT I think because that is the show that was on-air when I first met the gang who hangs out there. @shadowspub is a great mentor and make you feel welcome and comfortable.

I've been advocating for a PYPTuesday too, but I guess that was already on the road map so soon the final T in PYPT will stand for both the days that start with T in the week. Twice the pimping, twice the posts, twice the fun!!

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The other awesome place to hangout is actually the place where I discovered Rambling Radio, and that of course is STEEM Terminal!
This is a pretty happening Discord server, it's full of knowledgeable minds and friendly faces. They have a music room where you can usually find a DJ spinning some tunes. I love to DJ so that's where you can find me sometimes, if I'm not lost in the game rooms playing with the bots xD

Fun with Bots?

So, they have two server bots that I'm addicted to. First the admin installed Pokecord Pokemon RPG bot after my request for it! That's been a hit it's neat to try and collect as many Pokemons as we can.

The other bot I'm addicted to is Tatsumaki - this bot has fishing and Tamagotchi, so there is a special Tamagotchi room for us to go and play with our pets.

I have a bird right now, see him?
I was pretty stoked to get him. See, when you buy a pet from the bot shop it's a capsule so it's gacha style, basically you don't know what you're going to get!

I like that better than having to decide because it's always so hard to choose. I love surprises!

So why not come surprise me and see me on Discord? Or put your post in the spotlight (or anyone else's) and come join us for Pimp Your Post Thursday!?

Hope to see you there!
Have fun and take take care!

💋 «[Kharma♪Scribbles]»


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PImp Your Post Tuesday? oh my.. what are Curation Corner and Inner Blocks going to do LOL

We are taking over!

FYI @shadowspub I haven't ever gotten any shade on steem-engine, am I looking in the wrong place?

I'm behind on the distribution from PYPT .. still trying to catch up from the puter issues. I just noticed that the SHADE I've been trying to distribute since Sunday has not gone out. I've sent the developer of the bot a note to see if it is working. Will get it sorted .. thanks for mentioning it

I think there is something screwy going on with the node API's because comment commands don't seem to be working for anything except SBI since the other day :/

Someone tried to send various other tokens to me and the command failed, and even the @rewarding bot isn't responding to commands :/

sounds like some kinks still being worked out. Hopefully they are being worked on anyways.

Hope you're ready to be a pimp today!

See you later!

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