Time to Reflect & Unwind, it's #ThoughfulDailyPost Time! -- #2 Sept 1st || Engagement League and curating with Tea

What's New and things I'm looking Forward to Do!

I have a few posts ready to go but I've been holding off in fear that the SBI bot won't vote on previous posts once it starts voting again and since I have a hard enough time finishing posts to be able to publish consistently every post wasted is a possible vote being missed that otherwise would have voted on it.

With vote-bots being mostly a loss, I have less options now with post promotion and I need all the help I can get. I can only dream of the day when one of my posts makes the same kind of rewards that my #introduceyourself post brought.

introrewards.png$ are showing in CAD

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I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's new post for Engagement League - it is definitely exciting to see where one scores in relation to their networking skills here on STEEM. Last week was my first time participating in the league of more than 350 Steemians and I came in #22! That's outstanding to me!

I am aiming for at least #21 this week, but for some reason I feel like I've interacted with less people than last week - which was also when my #intro post was live, and attracted many new faces that unfortunately didn't all become followers.

I'm not too sure where @abh12345 get's his data from, he must run a custom script maybe.. I was trying to see what my numbers for this week might be but I'm not able to sort the categories I'm looking for using SteemWorld so I will have to take a peek at some of the other STEEM db tools.. I'll ask @abh12345 in the comments this week.

We will just have to wait and see when the post is posted. Surprised are sometimes worth the wait, I'm just super excited and hope I won't disappoint myself

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Speaking of engaging and curation, there are two communities I regularly submit posts to for curation and upvotes from the large curation judge account. I scour posts from my feed, newest posts of all topics on from the Explore page, and I even poke my head in self-promotion channels and check posts submitted to bid bots sometimes in order to find worthy posts acceptable to my personal curation standards.

I curate an eclectic mix of articles; everything from poetry, digital artwork, photography, gaming reviews, crypto news, STEEM stories and my favorite pieces to read - personal stories and opinions.

To reach my standards your post has to be interesting, drafted and proof-read, formatting helps as it shows you took your time on making it appealing, as does sourcing and I always try and decide how valuable the information provided is to me and how it might be to other people.

Of course, a personal story journal entry is not going to have 'value' weighted as much as a review or current news article would, since a personal story won't be very valuable to me as it would be to the author or those who follow and are interested in keeping up to date, so I take the context of the topic adjust accordingly.

@helpiecake and @c-squared are the two manual curation guilds I curate for and it gives a whole different meaning to 'curation' when you try to curate for other people - plus I try to make up for my blogs not being very interesting to the average reader; I can at least attempt to curate interesting things that you'll WANT to read ;)

Keep a lookout for my first curation report that should be posted within the next couple days. {link is dead until I publish - but keep an eye right there!}

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steembasicincome is Down for the count?

Some of you may not know but ever since a few hours into HF21, SBI bots were paused from voting. There was a replay error causing a value leak which the SBI team quickly seen and prevented from going further. There was an issue left from the HF that wasn't completly fixed and the reason it was left in that state was because the blockchain developers knew they would have HF22 to come through and fix the remaining issues up.

So HF22 came and the SBI team put the bot into 'replay mode' which I assume is like a database "re-fragmentation" like we used to have to do on old school Windows machines (maybe still do?) -- To be honest I am not 100% sure what replay mode is for but it does have to do with the code 'checking' itself over to make sure everything is in it's place. This can take awhile, especially for a database the size of SBI's..

It took 24 hours in fact, which meant we should have seen votes starting up again earlier today but something went wack and the bot started replaying itself again.. There is no way to speed it up and haulting the process could just cause faults so here we are to wait again.

That information comes from @josephsavage who also says that at this point, the best they can do is prevent SBI from starting yet another cycle when this 2nd one completes - cementing the detail that they are already investigating what caused it to repeat in the first place.

As I mentioned above - I don't want to post too many times while this is happening because I don't think SBI will look at previous posts made from before it starts up again - I don't know for sure, but when I became a member SBI claimed I had no posts made in the previous 7 days when in fact I had quite a few - so it didn't 'see' anything from the time before I became a member. I believe something similar will happen now when SBI starts back up again.

Some people though are claiming that they should be compensated for missed votes.. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know - and from what I can see - it appears that rshare balances are still accruing and when upvotes resume it just means your post will get a bigger one than you're used to, you won't lose value since it will just keep accumulating upvote balance.

It's important too that even if balances aren't growing, it's easy enough to add on the missing values when they resume since it's all math.

And my final word about SBI today: Look out for a rip off artists [at]steemincome.. Blatantly rips off SBI almost down to every last detail, and not to mention the sloppy work they release to the public.
I'm not the best writer out there but I'm also not asking you to invest in my project. Image and presentation is everything in business! Also I don't think I need to mention how bad grammar and spelling can be early indicators of a scam..

Well, that's all for now. Tomorrow/Today is shaping up to be a big deal and it's barely begun!

See you next time!

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