Time to Reflect & Unwind, it's #ThoughfulDailyPost Time! -- #1 Aug 24

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Guess Everything might deserve that Second Glance

~We never know what an open door may have in store

Well hello again all!

This is my first run in the muck with a newish movement started by my new friend Wes a few months ago as a way to share things which have been on our mind - a great post for those times facing writers block but you want to get some type of quality content out there.

Doesn't have to be fancy or planned, and you can just use it on demand - what I mean is there is no need to do it daily, pick one day of the week or even a day of the month to put a positive thought out there.

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What am I thoughtful for today?

I was thinking about how much more fun I've had and how much easier it was for me to 'find my groove' this time around on STEEM.

Those of you who have read my Better Late than Never - Intro post might know that my first attempt at being a Steemian was met with utter distaste and fail - but not this time around, no no!
This time I think the tribes had a lot to do with being able to find some great people right from the start.

I definitely want to give a shout out to the @steemterminal crew and especially @shadowspub over at Rambling Radio because without you guys to guide me and most of all welcome every quirk about me - well I am starting to feel a kind of happy emotional inside..

But without you guys to guide me through I would not have been able to change my view and actually want to try participating and being active in this vast steeming space!


I'm grateful that I've been able to get on the crypto wagon and become an advocate and mentor for all those other confused newbies who are just like me - they need some guidance with certain things once in awhile!

Odd thing is that for me its mathmatics that I need help with, well, all the time - So it's a little crazy to me how quickly I was sucked in and perusing the crypto vortex mostly on my own for the first little while.

Shows how well I do with technology I guess. There is a positive side to computer/internet addiction, and I really can't think of a better way to be spending my time anyway.
In these days, everything is happening online, so always being connected to it allows me to adapt and it becomes just how I live my life.

I'm educated and knowledgeable about most current events, even more so being that current events usually unfold live before our eyes and no matter where we spend our time online there is always a newspaper boy somewhere on the sideline calling 'Extra! Extra!'...

There is always the need to feed my curious mind - although one caveat to that is distraction will eat up a lot of my time. I'll get an idea to do one thing and have a need to do something else in order to complete the idea but while on the de tour for that I will usually find something that takes me on an Alaskan cruise, finding a different route each time!!

We all know where this part of the story goes, one thing leads to another and another and next thing I know I've completely lost my mind AND track of time. So many obligations I try to take on because I convince myself that in the end they all will make my original idea much more strong.. but I am not yet strong enough to face it all.

It's important to step back every now and then and just pretend you've already done it all. Tell yourself that enough times and in no time you'll be standing tall.

Posture helps guide our breath, the easier it is to take in the more oxygen we can produce, oxygen is an important part of our bodies 'juice', just like it's important to make sure we get enough rest... make sure we aren't constantly putting out bodies to the test!

Well speaking of rest, I think it's fine time to let you go, I've been awake for far too long but needed to get some words off my chest, especially since I'm entering the Proof of Steem contest!

So here is my entry for today, go see that linked post because everybody can play!

Blessed Be, Have a wonderful Day!

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Cool, good to see you're having a better go of it this time around. Wes is a solid dude and I like the thoughtful movement. I'm a proponent of #humanizesteem and often my blunt honesty gets focused on or perhaps overshadows my sincerity. The shadow has made it clear that I'm always negative and overly critical and I think that's unfair and more to do with my insensitivity to those I see as overtly positive. But, enough about me and the drama, all I mean to say is there are indeed decent well intended people here and I'm happy you're finding them.

I'd advise you go to @abh12345 and join the engagement league, it's a great way to see your weekly stats and bump into the other steemians that actually actively offer thoughtful comments...

Sleep tight and stay mindful!

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Thanks for reminding me ! I did apply in the last engagement post that I wanted to join..

Then bumped my comment with a comment-mention to him..

Then replied to his comment on a mutual post we both read, and I apologized but just informed him about my comment applying to join engagment league, and I asked if it was normal to have to wait for the new week to start or get a response..
but nothing..

Odd thing is he was replying to every comment I made on his other posts (regarding those posts' content) but it's like I was invisible about the engagement league.

Yesterday I was telling myself I would go in with guns blazing on 'header 1', throwing pitch forks until I was noticed (well, maybe not pitchforks) .. so thanks for reminding me!

Haha, he is on the ball no pitchforks or guns blazed necessary!

Perhaps he is just busy doing his painting work but I'm sure you'll be included asap and I'll see you there..

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First week and I appeared within top 100 and even hit a lucky number rank, #22!!

great work @kharma.scribbles.. great getting to know you the other day and kudos to you for coming on mic.

I really appreciate your support my friend... wonderful post to convey the mindset of my #thoughtfuldailypost movement! I am glad we were able to "change your mind" or perhaps... your perception of what this blockchain could really be... further more, I appreciate your final comment...

Psst.. 2% of this posts rewards will be allocated to @wesphilbin automatically at payout, to pay-him-forward as a thank you for the inspiration. ♥♥
Imagine if we all allocated 2% to him when using the °thoughfuldailypost° tag? Consider it!

I apologize for not responding sooner; Multiple Sclerosis, sadly, controls most of the activity that I do each day... I try to remain positive however, and be thoughtful for every single positive thing!! So... thank you again, my friend.

Love and light...

Two percent from my posts won't be very much, and I didn't go with 5% or more because I thought it might be easier to get a few more on-board with it if it was a low number.

Why not? I know you didn't ask for it, don't need it and may not even want to take it.. but I feel it's a way to appreciate the inspiration from you!!

Sad to hear about your recent news! I'm so glad you were able to start something like this before it gets too bad! <3

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