Unconditional Love - My "Thoughtful Post"


'Thoughtful post' is a great initiative started by @wesphilbin and I was tagged by @jaynie to share my post on it. Inspiration can come from anywhere and sometimes even small and precise words can spark Hope in others after having reached bottom rock.

I may not be that much experienced to share any words of wisdom but one can always learn from experience of other. My perception for 'LOVE' has changed over the years. I believe that Love can exist in only one form that is 'Unconditional Love', any other form does not do enough justice or even describe this basic feeling.

In its essence, its not just a feeling, its a form of energy which is most potent in nature. This love can be described for anyone like your parents, siblings, children, partners etc.

What I truly mean by unconditional love is that you should never expect anything in return for love. It does not matter if other person loves you back or not, your love should not be effected by it. If you are expecting anything in return then its simply a trade of emotions and it can be categorized by any other emotion or feeling but not necessarily love. The moment you posed some conditions for your love, it simply loses its intrinsic energy and value.




Hello my friend, and thank you so much for choosing to take part in my #thoughtfuldailypost

You know I can appreciate this mindset; being thoughtful with unconditional intention... bringing love into the equation also is a wonderful addition. We are literally bombarded each day with words... aren't we?

absolute, all-out, arrant, blank, blooming [chiefly British], bodacious [Southern & Midland], categorical (also categoric), clean, complete, consummate, cotton-picking, crashing, damn, damned, dead, deadly, definite, downright, dreadful, fair, flat, flat-out, out-and-out, outright, perfect, plumb, profound, pure, rank, regular, sheer, simple, stark, stone, straight-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, total, unadulterated, unalloyed, unmitigated, unqualified, utter, very


All Synonyms for "Unconditional"... hard to see the relevance sometimes isn't it? So, we are fortunate, to have Steemians such as yourself, who can help bring focus, when some old guy, such as myself, come up with a crazy initiative to bring a thoughtful take on the everyday interactions we "process" here on our block-chain lol...

Truly appreciate your support, and wonderful example, of what it means to be thoughtful!


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Thank you so much for the kind remarks and for starting this wonderful initiative.


Thank you for embracing it... and giving it your own special "breath"... all of us together my friend :)

The best description of 'love' I have ever come across was a simple one word definition: "sacrifice." I think there is a lot of truth to that, and I know it passes my test: people who I love unconditionally I would certainly sacrifice myself for.

The only time I've ever felt 'love at first sight' was with my children. That may be a bit of a deeper discussion, but it does give me belief that it happens.

You are so right about that, Love and Sacrifice goes hand in hand.

Wise words!

Thank you.

You are absolutely right! And this can be very hard to do in the world that we live in. There is so much hurt that it can make it hard to love in this way. It is an art when being capable of doing it.

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Yes, it is so hard with current world we live in but we can always try.

Always try ☺️

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Very deep thoughts brother. I'm currently in a relationship and most of the times I'm struggling because I always tend to think I deserve more from my partner or I feel I'm receiving less. I know, I know. Expecting something in return can be/is a bitch sometimes to not say all of the time. In the end what prevails is that I wish that person to be happy whatever the circumstances. Great message dude.

After all we are all humans, so it is quite natural but you are right. In the end, you want him/her to be happy.

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