Do Not Swear By The Lord

in #thevoiceofrevelation2 years ago

Studying the Word of God, I opened to the book of Zephaniah, a book written by one of the old testament prophets, Zephaniah.

While reading, my mind keep flashing back to the verse 5 of Chapter 1 where it says

And them that worship the host of heaven upon the housetop; and them that worship and and that swear by the Lord, and that swear by malcham;...

That swear by the Lord keep coming to my mind and that chapter 1 is talking about the day of the Lord and the destruction; so you can know why that phrase was repeating.

I don't swear by the Lord because I had registered it in my mind never to swear by God but the reason I am emphasizing on this is because it's one of the things that people use on a daily basis; swearing by God.

One of the commandments says Do not call the name of the Lord in vain and this what most people do these days. There are some people that if they have not use it in their sentence then that have not finished talking and some has even make it a slang to use.

It is a sin and God did not want it. Try to refrain from swear at all so you won't be tempted to call the Lord. This is to charge us and I pray that God will help us all.

Stay blessed.

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