I completed my reading Challenge!

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I just completed my 2020 reading challenge! Yes. Another reason why I don't write as often as I should be. But I love doing this. Reading had always been in my life and now that I am settling in to my new home, I do not want to leave that behind.

I joined goodreads around 2013 when I was in the Philippines. Back then, it was really hard to come by any good books. Good books for me is something that goes beyond the romance/love story, gore/ horror story themes.

I love something that entertains and educates me. A book that does not just challenge my conventional thinking but, gives me new perspectives on how things are done. Those books are hard to find back then.

If books are hard to find, people who actually read, love reading, understand what they read and go beyond ego boost is harder to find. I've met a lot of people who read because, others read. I've met others who read because its the latest fad. But most of the people I met so far read because, it makes other people think they're smart.

The truth is, reading is an expensive, boring hobby which others would consider as a waste of time and money. Why I have been actually told by my cousins when we were growing up. They have this idea that reading is only for school days and doing that over the weekend even if I am reading something else is stressful.

Fast forward to the present and, I still appreciate my parents fostering my interest in reading. I felt that it prepared me in my future life. Compared to most of my friends, I feel that I can look on things on different perspectives, I have a host of ideas and, I love the fact that I can express myself well.

Allow me to share some of my favorite reads for all time.

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Most of them can be categorized as children's books/ trivial reads. But when you have a schedule like mine and, you have to deal with all the stresses that comes with it, reading something "realistic" does not really help me unwind.

These books makes me feel young. They make me laugh. They make me see the lighter side on things. I would even say that I feel silly reading them. But who cares?