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~ Sometimes, You Just Gotta Finish The Story ~

Tuesdays Freewrite Prompt: Procrastination

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The Days, They Seem To Just Zing On By

Wow, how did it get to be Thursday already? I've been meaning to write on this 5-Minute Freewrite for a few days now, ever since I first discovered the prompt on Tuesday. But for some reason(s), I just didn't get around to writing about it until now. This kind of stuff just drives me nuts. A great idea surfaces like a mud turtle in a greenslime pond, and then all sorts of odd, trivial, OTHER things pop up that derail my whole thinking/writing/doing process.

The diversions appear endless. New re-runs of Green Acres on ME TV. Many hunker'd-down viral chats with the neighbors over the wooden safety fence in the back 40. Re-charging the wimpy lawn-tractor mower battery. Some stupid mouse in the shoe bin chewing the laces out of my leather boots in the laundry room. Nyaaarg!!

Time to head out to the garage, dig out the big old box of recycled cords from defunct Venetian blinds I bought at an estate sale year's back, cut the cords down to fit 12 hole boots, then re-lace them to make workable footwear for my next DIY job around the place. Dumb stupid mouses anyway.

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Someone really should invent a word for when all this nugatory stuff of life gets in the way of other, larger, more important projects I want and need to accomplish. It's particularly bad for folks like me, the ones who divert easily, probably due to a hair trigger in the trivial-things-of-life universe, blended in with a walnut-sized brainpan of organizational skills.

Whatever the reason, many things just don't always get done on time. Now where was I...oh yes, back to typing on that 5-Minute Freewrite.

But first, I need an ice cream writing snack for continued energy. Off to the back porch and my waiting freezer. Ooh, classic, check it out...Dilbob the cat, lounging on a tray of Ginko nuts, set out to dry on the OTHER back porch freezer. I really must capture this classic kitty moment. Now where IS that camera? What a nutter!

Now, where was I, again...?


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Five Minute Freewrite Post by @mariannewest
Post: Five Minute Freewrite ~ Tuesdays Prompt: Procrastination

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Dilbob - Helping Me With My Project

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Excerpts From Late-Night Conversations With A Mechanical Cat

Fact Number 166

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Well, I feel like I've just walked into a Twilight Zone episode and am pushing open a door in a post apocolyptic world and seeing the dust settled and timidly whispering from behind the door..."Anyone out there?"

What is this Brave New World? And here I've looked to Steemit to return to a bit of the "Old Normal" only to find factions and division and 'communities' whatever they might be and people posting 'farewell steemit because so and so sold or did sell' Heavens...

Is this the way WW3 is to be fought? Not with nuclear weapons but division/isolation/digital living? Who can say.

Well, I can say, in the least, HELLO and how are you? I see your cat happily guarding some of the new storage-able contraband of our Brave New World. I suppose a show about Preppers now would simply be entitled "How to Live a Normal Everyday Life".

Well, I'm looking to you as a touch stone or a beacon in this bit of the New World here in Steemit. Does it still exist? What 'communities' am I meant to join? Have you moved to Hive (is that a thing) or other platforms? Will this Brand X get my whites Whiter than white and other leading brands?

So many questions...I await the answers patiently...self isolated.

Abby is the new Normal. And I am still here in the world of Steem. Need to figure out Hive one day soon. It is beyond me without my helper, and she has been busy. But soon. This site certainly doesn't look to be taking me to the moon anytime soon, from the looks of it. But it's hard to give up on Steemit, so I may be here too. I've spent over 3 years of me writing and goofing about on life on this site. I still appreciate it, even though so much has gone down. Then again, what else is new. Seems to always be someone working angles on something or another I don't really understand anyway. Human nature, I guess. All I know is I just like to write and photo and be the odd duck chicken about things of explanation about this wacky world. There is always humor under the layers of BS. Makes the world go round.

Things are going along fine here. I am in serious quarantine most days. I take this pretty serious, as it can really mess you up. And the idea of our health care system collapsing scares the bejeesus out of me. "Sorry, go back home, there is no room for you here." Yikes. Don't want that. Plus I have familial relatives, etc that are quite is cheap when you say it's OK to have folks die from it, "just as long as it's not me or mine." As you say, we're all in this world together. Though don't get me started on how the whole thing's been bungled from day one. Anyways, I am now just writing about cats and travel directions and cereal and such. Isn't it fun.

I hope your whites stay white and you are safe and hunkered down and doing well. I"ve watched a bunch of movies and got some things done. I had major knee surgery in the fall, so am still getting back to that ever-elusive state of Normal. So used to not doing as much as I'd like. I am getting closer though. And let's face it, I love movies anyway. Well, I've babbled on here long enough. I hope all is well, and remember to keep your powder dry. Cheers from the PNW, -DD

Ha, abbey normal, I do love Young Frankestein ...FRONK in Schteinn...

I'm glad you're doing well and sending my best for your mending. I'm trying to get out to work on my garden today, but each time I 'suit up' and go out, the rain and sleet comes. We've had such a warm Winter and now I want to set concrete posts for my new garden and it snows?! Ah life.

I feel sometimes like 2020 is like a large Prank or Hidden Camera show. Maybe I should watch the Truman show, as I keep checking to see if there are cameras and hidden props, I mean IS THIS really the world now?

Oh well, life goes on. Back to my studio and trying to get outdoors. Stay healthy.

Ah, Young Frankenberry. I LOVE that movie, and Mel too. What a comic genius. And then there's Franken SCHTEINN, gotta love it.
Good luck on setting your posts. I've put in a lot of fence, it's a hard job. I DID see a Youtube recentlly about a guy that uses an old Shop Vac to make his fence post holes. Pretty ingenious, if not hard on the Vac. Good luck, just don't set the concrete in cold weather, learned that one, I did.
Alan Funt is no doubt around the corner for sure. I need to go re-watch the Truman show on my Roku. I forgot about that, and heaven knows I have the time for it right about now. So wacky, everyone was hoping 2019 was fully in the rear view mirror, but looks like 2020 is set to be a doozy. I vote for less drama from now on, thankyouverymuch. No one at the top seems to be listening to to me though.

I do believe you have to search out that ever-present silver (I just wrote sinver...hmmm) lining in daily life. And stay small. My wheelhouse is a rather happy place, if not a bit...non-far reaching. And, where WOULD we be without this Internet thing. And our art, whatever it's form might be....such a mental life-saver, and refuge under the heavy, flat rock of reality.

A Short (Ignorable) Stroll Down Memory Lane

Ooh, Life Savers. I remember I always wished some kid in my Secret Santa bag of Mrs. Shefferts 3rd grade class would give me the Life Saver Book Pack for my present. But like the other, huge, Silly Putty wish, all I ever got was a pair of socks or a plastic whistle, new pencils, or something of other such. Large Sigh. Oh, the joys and pesky trials of being a short, new person in life. Now, all I wish for is new, quality wool socks every December 24th. They're EXPENSIVE. How life sorts itself out in categories of the joyously absurd as it trundles on.

Wow, I can really drone on on here. Sorry....can anyone say, self-imposed, stay at home and not talk to very many folks in line at the Grocer's for a month, sequester jabber babble? Yikes, I've become one of those folks. Oh well, at least I'm smiling. Cheerio(s) on a Wednesday in April. (It's the Fools day, but a bad time to be making jokes. And they canceled my Jello Art show. Another large sigh.) Toodles

Very cute, "Dilbob the cat"! I'm quite sure he (she) can help you with your project.... ;)))

Hello my friend. Yes, Dilbob does get in the way now and then, under the guise of helping out. Now she has a sore paw, I wonder why? I keep asking, but she says nothing, but meow. Cheers on a Monday that might be a Tuesday by now in your corner or things.

Oh! I'm so sorry to know that she has a sore paw now. Hope she gets well very soon. Please say hello to her for me..... Haha! You may know her language someday. Meow Meow! ;)

Ah! You are right. It's on Tuesday afternoon here.... Have a wonderous night, GFF! ;))

I will pass that on to Dilbob. Thats' right, you are almost a day, and hours and hours ahead of me. Hey, I have an idea, you can keep me informed of the news a day early...and then maybe even tell me how the stock market, etc is doing. I'll be RICH. Or maybe it does not work that way ( :

That's great! And I do hope we (Dilbob and I) can be good friends forever, too.

It may be good to be ahead of you almost one day. Yeah! I know what's happened here before you wake up. In the meantime, it may be not....because I'll get old one day earlier than you. Haha! ;D

Oh! Yeah! You will be certainly RICH if it works. For now, just dream about it. Haha! Good night! ;)

Dilbob just said she (it's a she, though has a he name. Long story...) would be delighted. GKFF, I like that. I thought some more about this day ahead thing and aging and such. It kind of boggles the mind. Then again, my cranial train is rather small, and runs on tracks with very loose spikes....easily derailed at times. But it sure it keeps life FUN, if nothing else ( :

Are you on Hive? Are you staying on Steemit too? Do I ask a lot of ??...?
Well, have a nice night, and keep on keepin on, Cheers GFF

I'm happy to know that and I love the word, "GKFF", too.....

It's great that you always enjoy life and have fun with whatever you do! That's very nice of you!

Regarding your answer is I'm now on Hive and already had my two posts on Hive. The reason that I'm still here is to upvote my old friends' posts (like yours) here.

I'm very glad to see HH, @haphazard-hstead, upvoted my recent post on Hive. Please give her my BIG thanks for her great support for my works. I look forward to seeing her and your first posts on Hive with much interest. ;)

Have a wonderful night, GFF! ;))

That's a very serious nutty cat! 😅

Hee hee, Yippers, one "nutty cat". And so are you ( :

Ahhh I can soo relate xD Here I am procrastinating from my current project hahah. Then I have to do this and that... It never ends!
I have some goals set to improve my concentration/focus but I guess I'm procrastinating on those as well :P It's surprisingly hard to mediate for even 5 minutes right now for me.
At least I try to write down good ideas(a few notes), even if I don't follow up right away, this has helped me a lot with productivity.
Love the kitty <3