The Prize Wheel, A Weekly Game Contest Week - 11 By @chrismadcboy2016

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Hi Steemians!

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Here we are again making the good memories on the weekend. I hope I can see your face happy and more positive mindsets to learn something new every day. Today time to make another step to learn more every day. So last week in the week 10 still have no lucky picker haha so lucky me this week huh! I never thought #tatsumaki at my side now hahaha...So to start the game here is my reminders;

  • Let us face the weekend with full of courage and challenge accepted and learn something new every day. The game Start NOW The Prize Wheel, A Weekly Game Contest Week - 11 By @chrismadcboy2016 is now OPEN

  • So last week we have no lucky winners, haha sad to say but happy to me because the reward goes to savings. So better luck next time I hope I will see you in the next round. Keep supporting the game and let us build a brighter community by #newsteem to the next level!


Image credit @brittandjosie


What is it about:

  • For stress reliever & win the prize

Who Can Join:

  • Any Steemians


  • The winner will receive 1 SBI share & random prize on the wheel.

Rules are very simple:

• You need to guess what number the winning prize in the wheel is.

• Write your guessing #s in the comment section below.

• The prize wheel is weekly so meaning to say the contest will end up after payouts. (Don't worry I will update the game if there are some changes)

• There are 14 triangles on the wheel with prizes. I pick a random number between 1 and 14 and @tatsumaki bot command will decide the winning prize. ►t!dice 1d14◄

• Pick a number if you are correct all people with this number win 1 SBI (if no-one selects the correct number then 1 person will be selected at random for the prize)

• One entry per steemians.

• If 2 or more people chose the same number, the first one to comment gets the prize, if that number wins.

• Only one steemian lucky winner.

How It Works The Prize Wheel, A Weekly Game Contest:

Example: Number 1

• Guess the number just take a look at the wheel below.

Lets see how many steemians are interested in the wheel!


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For those who have a big heart to support the game and sustain in the future. You can delegate any amount of SP by clicking the link below.>Delegate 50 SP to me

Thank You!

Image credit @thekittygirl

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This time I take:

Nice pick @syalla better you luck this week.

Cool contest!

I will take #1

Good luck to everyone! ♥

Thank you I am happy to see you participating in the game @xchnge.


Thank you!

Hi, @bxlphabet I am happy to see you here participating in the game thank you and have a nice day.

I put you in my notifications @chrismadcboy2016, so I will be back :)

Thank you @bxlphabet I love people love me spreading the love is my first vocabulary.