Salad bowl Sunday on #themorningbowl

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's episode of #themorningbowl where today we are making a salad.. I used two different strains .. both from @stickyfingerz dispensary.. Witches Weed and Afghan Kush.. add some tomatoes and bacon bits and Voila.. salad for..



Peace out y'all.. Dave




Chop chop chop

Good morning! I wish you a fantastic Sunday!

Hehehe... a green salad for breakfast! Have a great day @davedickeyyall, take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Nice bud there Dave. I wish I had one of those bags of weed. I've been out for awhile now. I've found just a couple of nugs here and there but that's it.

Yeah that sucks. I remember living where it was illegal. You want me to mail you a nug 📬

Nah man I'll be fine. Don't risk it. Just bring me some if ever find yourself traveling this way.

Hello @davedickeyyall!
Love this! I just discovered that we share a quirky trait. I like to blend oil like you toss salad. Lol! people think that’s fucked up, too.
Total preference on my part, once I have a good handle on what a concentrate is capable of. ;)