The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 2 Recap and Thoughts

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Well we're now done week two and so far it's remaining a pretty normal season. Yes things are accelerated between Dale and Clare but otherwise still a pretty normal week.

Ok Bachelor Nation, time for our first dates of the season. We opened with a group date and things were a bit weird. The first half of the date felt like they were going from random room to random room in the resort trying to make things as awkward as possible. The show is absolutely going to have to step it up if this is the standard we can expect for dates this season. Once we got to the second half of the date, things began to normalize. We got to see lots of one on one time and it felt more like a normal season. We did have the awkward start where no one wanted to grab Clare but from there we actually got to see some solid usage of time. Riley got the rose but the real winner of the date was Dale. Anyone notice that voice change when Clare started talking to him?

Alright onto the first one on one date of the season, shockingly it didn't go to Dale. Clare chose the other football player Jason for this date. Overall the date went pretty well but I do have some concerns. Jason doesn't seem ready to fully open up yet, he'd probably need another one on one or more before hitting that point. And also Jason did not seem to be reading Clare's body language at all. Clare seemed fully invested in Jason but it didn't seem like he was able to reciprocate those feelings. He still got the rose but even if we didn't know the outcome of the season, I don't like his chances in the long run.

The second group date saw 10 dudes playing strip dodge ball and ended up with four of them buck naked at the end. Yup. Moving on to the second half of the date we had three important events. Brandon getting sent home after not being able to tell Clare why he wanted to be on her season. Chasen swooping in to steal the rose. And finally Blake Moynes sneaking back into the date for some Clare time (which later on got him a rose).

We end the night at the cocktail party and might be headed for some more Yosef drama.