The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 1 Recap and Thoughts

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We are setting up for a wild season of The Bachelorette. Clare is possibly about to embark on the shortest season in Bachelorette history.

This whole episode just had a weird vibe. The quarantine to kick things off was obviously weird. And then it really felt like we narrowed in on a few storylines right out of the gate. When it came to the rose ceremony I only knew who a few people were and I think we were being set up for a fast forward through Clare's season. I don't know how everything is going to play out but I'm ready for the journey.

That teaser at the end of the episode was wild. Normally we have one moment in a season that generates that level of hype and usually it's quite deep into the season. Clare is kicking off this season hard and I'm ready for things to spiral out of control ASAP.

There were a few guys of note tonight Dale, Jason, Blake Moynes, Yosef and Eazy. That's a pretty short list after night one. Dale easily got the most screen time, got the first impression rose and Clare immediately said she thought she just met her husband after meeting him. I think it's safe to say he will be a focal point this season. Jason is another guy of note, we've seen previews of him and Clare together and it seemed like they had a solid connection tonight. Blake Moynes apparently was the only guy to reach out and contact Clare (not buying that for a minute), he also got the first kiss of the season and on a normal seaosn i think he'd be an early favorite. Yosef was the center of the drama tonight and somehow got a rose even though he blatantly lied to Clare. Lastly we have Eazy, who didn't get much time with Clare but seems like he could be the villain of the season.

An interesting night one and looks like we are set up for a wild season. Can't be worse than Peter!


I never seen the bachelorette, aha... It would be funny I think or ?
Moreover what's sadi is nowadays, most of them aren't serious it's a shame :(

Happy Sunday, hugs.

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Getting cast for the show can easily be transitioned into being a full time influencer. It's become more of a business than a path to find love.

You are right, any influencers and even more on every business they want to be and try to, yes of course.

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