The Alliance, Why?

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The Hive

Howdy folks'.

I have a couple of things flying about in my head right now. I am sure I am going to ix them up and confuse them while writing this. If not, I will probably confuse you.

The Alliance, You can join this group of people on discord Here!

There's 300 reasons to join The Alliance. Each of the 300 members (over 300 members) all joined for different reasons. We are also growing a strong Spanish community. I might need to learn some Spanish words.

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I think there is two sides to this post. Mine and Engine's. If I can address this to the kind patient considerate understanding side of the princess that holds the heart of the prince of The Alliance Castle. (Hope I didn't over-do the creeping bit there trying to score brownie points.)

Let me start of Yapping about Engine a little bit.
The position he holds in The Alliance could have been anyone. Anyone sitting in that position. There have been many groups set up on Discord and very few have kept the active membership that The Alliance has. The reason the others did not succeed as well as The Alliance has I would place down to who was at the top. Who formed the group. This group survived the mass exodus from Steem when things got a bit rough. By hanging out together and talking with each other. Being a small part of each others lives. This was done both in Discord and on the Steemit blogging site.

Without Engine and the group of people he brought together, many of us may have drifted off to other things.

Then there is the help to each of us he has grouped together. Increasing the value of the time spent here not only for the mind or emotions. Also in a small way to the pocket of some or the future prospects of others.

He has become a friend to many from all parts of the globe.

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From myself and benefits I have gained. I have had the fastest growth after joining The Alliance. That same support is still there and through The Alliance I have gained additional support from other members also.

I have no doubt the upward struggle would have been much harder to reach the point I am at now, without the encouragement gained from being a part of The Alliance. While I cannot put a % on the growth I gained from The Alliance or do I want to. In reflection I would like to think over time I will give more back than gained. It has helped greatly in the growth of the strength of my account here on Steemit.

I have also made a friend or two that have listened and heard something I had to say.

bar 1 rainbow.jpg

That's the two sides of the same part I see.

There is probably one more side and that might be the financial one. Some of the benefits others have gained have been in a financial manner. Not everyone being as fortunate as ourselves and are now meeting times of struggle. This from various parts of our planet, have been able to make purchases for goods using the finance generated by interactions with The Alliance and members.

Myself I am ambitious to begin a project that at some point in the future provide additional support to The Alliance and projects both in the digital world and the physical world can take place.

Thank you for your time and off course, The time you sacrifice to us when we take Engine away from you.

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You wrote a great post!!!

I read it with a HUGE smile on my face.
Thank You for that!

You are a heck of a friend man, grateful you are around and hope people see this that need to.

@alliedforces curate 2

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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Hi @thehive, a modest tip of appreciation:
$trendotoken and !trendovoter .
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Dear @thehive

Did you consider creating your own HIVe on And does Alliance focus on any particular topics? Or is it relaxed group, "talking" about everything that you all find interesting?

Cheers, Piotr

I have considered a Hive group. Though that would work best with a group of people with the same goals and not just myself.
The alliance focus is on its members. We talk about everything that comes up on the Steem chain and Steemit. A wide range of views are shared and no opinion is above another there.

Good stuff and enjoyed reading, Engine has dine a great job, no doubt

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