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RE: SunFork 22.2 (Weighing in on the Justin Sun Soft Fork)

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Sorry to say but there absolutely was a pre-mine. I was there and tried to but got ZERO help from those who were mining Steem then. The only thing Dan, Fuzzy, and others would say was, "It's in the code how to mine". For a month I tried to mine but my abilities were not good enough and they were mining everything they could so others couldn't. Unfortunately I am pretty sure all those forum posts from the old BTSForum are long gone now where all this went down.

I see this whole current issue from the one truly bright side, we had a LARGE number of witnesses work together on a consensus and do something proactively for the chain. God/Bad/Indifferent it was still the first time this many have worked together like this. Should have happened years ago, but that is nothing we can change now, we can just move forward and I sincerely hope this is the key that unlocks the doors of open and transparent communications between Inc, witnesses, and the user base.


You think I had much help setting up my witness to start out? It took me three weeks to finally get it running the first time with the help from a friend who has since left the chain. Which just goes to show, it's not what but who you know here. (or anywhere for that matter) You can call it ninja mining if you so choose. But the fact remains, some were prepared and keen, some were not. Sorry yours didn't get running as it should have. Maybe we would have an entirely different ecospace if it had.

I am in agreement there in that last part, but also feel that these are witnesses voted in, we should know what we're voting for.

I am hoping that this being the first instance of the witnesses working together like this that going forward we will see more open discussions in regards to this sort of decisions. We are working in a system that is representative by our votes so in the sense we have given over the control of these decisions to those reps. (Not that I approve of this lack of interaction with the user base, it's just like US politics/politicians and the huge disconnect.) I would like to see open forum discussions that can involve anyone/everyone so that these issues are in the open before actions are approved. For too long it has been a reactive approach and we have needed a proactive approach.

Totally agree with that!

On another note, if you happen to track down the forums one day, do send them to me :)

This is the public launch, right?

Yep. It was announced in Bitcointalk before the in house forum since Dan knew everyone would be mining it right away and they wouldn't get the large amount of steem mined otherwise.

Not a pretty topic to read about, remember reading all that ages ago and none of it impressed me.

It still frustrates me to read through the thread. It is the origin story of Steem, the good and the bad. Interesting that the sale is what it took for things to come to a head and the witnesses to finally do something.

Maybe it is just that the bulk of original witnesses were ones who mined and now that they are less involved we have witnesses that are less "tow the company line"?

This is the first time on any PoS economy that the governance stood up to the genesis stake at the risk of being "punished" as some people in blockchain endeavours say!