🤔What Does It All Mean?😶

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Steemit Is 'Sold'! Well, Partners Anyway

As the news spreads and causes major ripples in our Steem ocean, many are worried and some are confident. If you are ignorant to the fact of what happens around here and you haven't heard, despite denials of rumors by both @andrarchy and @elipowell a few months back in the witness chats, Steemit has been 'sold' to the Tron Foundation. Thanks for the confirmation Ned. Did @aggroed and company have anything to do with it via the #splinterlands integration? Did they know? Who knows, I honestly don't care. All I know is, I'm not going anywhere. They call it a 'partnership', but we all know what happened. Money started talking.


You Must Realize

Steemit has been 'sold', not the blockchain. The witnesses will still have to confirm blocks and house the chain itself. They can't change that. They have enough Steem power, they may be able to adjust the top 20 or even buy their 'loyalty' and force a drastic hardfork to ignite their vision. All of this is unknown. What is known, is that Steemit and TRON both desire to move the old STEEM token and the dApps to the TRON chain. There are multiple witnesses now, that run nodes for both EOS and Steem, so I don't see much changing in the way things will operate here. I am real curious to see who has a job with Steemit and where the hives & SMTs will go from here. My biggest question though is:


There will be major FUD dropping everywhere, there will be panic, people will pull delegations and power down, people will sell off their Steem, people will do what scared people do. What will you do? Are you going to buy up Tron? Are you going to buy even more Steem? Are you going to say screw you guys and go to EOS? HA! Just remember, nothing changes here without consensus, so make sure you are voting for the witnesses you feel have Steem in their sights for the future beyond tomorrow and not just a business transaction for today. Witty out.

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I am still looking for that list of witnesses that is wanting to keep the steem blockchain going so that I can vote for them and make my own post about voting for them.

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That won't be revealed until it starts to come to a vote. I know of several that will continue on with Steem, regardless what Steemit does.

I only know Tron from splinterland but honestly don't own any myself.
I don't know exactly what this means but I aint going anywhere eather 😜 lets se what happens and take it from there before doing panic acts, we see that way to often.

Steemit is wanting to create a new steem token, based on the Tron chain, and move the Steemit dApp there. Not sure what Steempeak or other front-ends will do.

Well..I am a uncurable optimist so I belive and hope this Will change things for the better, and one thing that makes me belive is cause of People and witnesses like You 😜 lol
You do so much for us and always had our BEST in mind. As long as we all work together we are a force to fear 😁 lol
Time Will show what we have ahead of us.

Time indeed hun, only thing we have to hold on to at this moment besides, well, ya know, steem nd silver and gold and each other :P

Especially each other and silver 😜 lol

Indeed, lovely stacking sis, @saffisara! 😘#ladiesofssg4eva 🥰🌺🤙!

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Woke up to see a lot of people on my feed not so happy about what happened.
I also wish things stayed as they were but it is what is it. Let's not panic just yet, lol, I prefer to keep an optimistic outlook on things.
Anyways, as a member of community who wasn't active at all last year, I feel like now I have so much to share so I'm not going anywhere. :)

You chose an interesting time to return sweets :)

Means we have to re think and adapt.

Adapt indeed my man.

Well as you know I am no expert on the blockchain, but i am a big fan of steem so I am hanging on staying here and seeing where it goes and hoping for the best

Good to hear man!


Right there with you brother!!


Staying put as it has been two years of blood and sweat to grow this baby and don't have it in me to start again. I am hoping that this is not as bad as it sounds and maybe some positive news tomorrow. All we can do is hope.

Like I said, lot FUD will be spread my man.

Very interesting and didactic your publication. In Steemit I stay, as always, I think that our essence will not change, however, we will see things with caution and wishing that the changes are for the better. Thanks for sharing your opinion, very valuable indeed. You are one of my witnesses, I trust you will do your job very well in this respect. A hug for you! @enginewitty

Hugs back and thank you :)

I know only very little about TRON other than a different blockchain with distinct differences and what I know of Justin is a lot of hearsay.
Generally I believe Steem has much greater value over Tron, and if there is a benefit by this partnership, "Then, show me."

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TRON is a crappy copy of Ethereum basically. Just has more gambling which is why it shot up so quick. They preyed on addiction. Sun knows Steem is far better, which is why he bought a huge stake.

May the social media blockchain become Stronger and profitable for all stakeholders.

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Optimistic, I like it🤗

It is you and witnesses like you and the steemians who continue to contribute to the growth of the blockchain in communities like #thealliance and #steemsilvergold that keeps me optimistic! Thank you for the work that you do for the blockchain 🥰🌺🤙

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Careful, I might end up loving you a little bit :P

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I dunno. I don't know much about TRON, but if they bought it, my guess is they want it to profit. Steemit has done some good, some meh. Let's see what new blood does with this awesomeness!

Business is what business is. I don't remember anyone from Tron approaching the Steem community to see what we all would like, so let's hope for the best!

I don't know what to think, I guess things will change a little. I'm glad your here for us!

I see no end in sight😎😉

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Well I guess we will all know soon enough what the plan is.....thanks for the info

Thanks for paying attention ;)

No sé qué pensar respecto a lo sucedido, pero confío en el trabajo que estás haciendo, @enginewitty.

Eres mi votante proxy

Gracias hombre :)


I don't know much about Tron, almost nothing. I will not change anything, no powerind down, no get panic.
I will follow the topic of tbis theme and wittnes that I trust. Read posts of my #thealliance community and see what will happen.
Thank you @enginewitty for your post about it! Will see.

I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing ;)

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I like a post that explains how a decentralized thi g can only become centralized if the majority of stakeholders capitulate..

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Was trying really hard not to use those words ;)

I came here in 2017. Learned the fundamentals...

  • Community
  • Working together to create positive content and engagement...

Didn't see TRON mentioned anywhere right? If it's something that will be beneficial and for the sole purpose of the above... cool.

Regardless... I'm not going anywhere...

!giphy Not going anywhere

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Good, tho it may be smart to grab a few TRX 😉

Its too early to tell what will happen. Tron could breathe new life into steemit, and it could kill it, although i think that is highly unlikely. As long as people continue to use the steem blockchain, i do not see steemit going anywhere. I'm certainly staying.
I'd like to think that this is the turning point for steemit that will re-vitalise it and return value to the steem cryptocurrency.