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Cumberland Caverns Assay Station.gif

Cumberland Caverns

The past two days have been just crazy busy and it's not stopping this week. Today, I have a Halloween luncheon to to present at, in the preschool my little Dragon Princess attends. Yesterday - wow. I didn't even take my shoes off until 1:30 a.m. Monday, now, was pretty fun. We had a field trip for the 1st graders (which means I took the whole family) to a 27 mile underground cave system called 'Cumberland Caverns'.

Climb On Down

Or in Freya's (and later - Khaldeesi's and Luna's case), climb on up! Hiking is a great exercise. It encourages cardio and endurance plus bolsters strength in the entire body and determination. I say this, because it's not something you can start and quit half way through. Not like children that have a pack horse father with strong shoulders - HA! I mainly put Freya up there a few times because of some steeper slippery terrain I figured would have been easier on her little legs. She was quite the trooper otherwise. The other Princesses simply got tired and relied on Daddy. Was touching, but exhausting!

The Scenery!

Pictures do not do the majesty of it all, justice. But hopefully, my little tour can give you an idea. Remember the very first gif? Well, in the shop, they had these bags of sand in which they 'hid' various rough gemstones. The girls loved this, finding all the pretty rocks. They even got to trading with each other for ones they found more desirable from each other. Overall, was a pretty good trip and all of them were out within ten minutes on the way home! As usual, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even while negotiating caves.

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What an amazing adventure for the children and you captured the awesomeness of that cave! I can just know how the kids' imagination and curiousness were teased, as I remember my own experiences growing up. And thank heavens for strong shoulders of dads... they were made so to carry their daughters when needed, lol!
Thanks for sharing your week, and take care @enginewitty. 🌺🤙

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I've chaperoned just about every field trip my kids have gone on and can't say it bores me! I am curious, since you mentioned it (sort of) what their main take away will be from the experience.

As you are very involved in your kids' activities, you are very aware that children, in general, need to have a variety of experiences... I think that the wider the variety, the better. In looking back to my learning as a school-age kid, I know now that the experience need not be out of the extra-ordinary. It can be a trip to the grocery store or a sophisticated department store, a community garden or an arboretum, watching the stars during clear nights or a trip to the planetarium, swimming underwater or visiting an aquarium.... everything and all contribute to our learning... children and adult alike. I continue to learn from visiting other places and seeing new things. I think that some of the things we learn in school are one-dimensional. The field trips you have chaperoned are really great because they are multisensory experiences, and often times bring all other learning and past experiences of the children to life! In addition, it brings the concepts they learned in their homes and in school into a more holistic level. There were numerous times that, as a child, I felt more confident and smarter about the little world around because of the experiences outside my home and the classroom.
Thanks for engaging me on this subject matter. I am so very glad to share my thoughts with you, @enginewitty.

What an adventure does sound exhausting for Daddy aka you but stil I bet it was greta fun and talks for sharing it with us

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Tons of fun! They had one part, where we sat in like an auditorium and they did a light show and explained how the caves were discovered and stuff. Couldn't use cameras at that point though.

Thats sounds an interesting show to seee, I did a bit of caring back in NZ a few times both in a small group in in some of the bigger caved areas with glow worms and Stalagmites and stalagtites always such a fun experience

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Beautiful pictures, @enginewitty! Looks like a great field trip. Family will definitely keep a person busy!

You know first hand! You have any plans for the festive holiday?

Serving trick-or-treaters! We have a lot of young kids in our neighborhood. But they come in a swarm and then it’s done, so I’m looking forward to a quiet night!

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Looks like y'all had a great trip. :D Just gotta say, you da man doing that trip, with 3 lil ones on your back. Been to Luray Caverns before, looks similar. :D

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Cool trip to the caverns! I took my son to one like this in Missouri and we had a lot of fun.

Hey, that's my home state! You must have been at Meramec Caverns in Sullivan, MO!
Good times and a great place to chill in the Summertime when it's hot as heck outdoors!

No we actually went to some caverns at lake of the Ozarks. I have seen signs for the Meramac caverns all along i-44 though we have never been.

Thanks for the comment! I'd forgotten about the caves at LOTO. There are too many things to do there!😉

Aww brought back memories of a similar trip i took as a girl scout. We went to desoto caverns in Alabama. I love how you take your girls out on these trips they will treasure them forever. What a good daddy. Looks like it was an awesome trip.🤗

I love caves. What an awesome field trip.

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The princesses are so adorable!!! 💫👸👸👸💫
I bet Daddy had as much fun as the littles! I sure do miss little kids and chaperoning the field trips! Happy Halloween @enginewitty