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RE: SunFork 22.2 (Weighing in on the Justin Sun Soft Fork)

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Same wavelength??? I think we must have been in the same room when we wrote our posts!!!! LOLOLOLOL

I was sitting here shaking my head through the whole thing!!!

I mean - I can go back and read my last posts from before I left and pretty much read the same things. They do not care. They call shots (and have not had to fear anything pretty much... UNTIL NOW) and they reacted to protect themselves -but parade it around like they were protecting the blockchain.

There is so much that I have said to others in your post - like verbatim! It was HIS stake to do with as he pleased - and now it's confiscated like some corrupt government does with people they want to silence and shut down.

and yep. I cannot imagine a man getting to where he is now - by forgetting ANYTHING. And they messed with his money. still shaking my head at the nerve. the audacity

welp. it's done now.

we wait to see how it shakes out.... over time.

17 of the top 20 powering down? Could be for anything. But 17? out of 20? Interesting timing, no?


I know that's nuts. Ah, you see that number 17. That's the consensus number and yes, very coincidental. Or is it? Got a lof of shit for this post though, lemme tell ya. I'm sorry but I'd be super pissed if the bank froze my account I just opened a few weeks ago. I totally get that Justin Sun has pushed his weight around on TRON to get a few things pushed through, even fired a few people, so I understand the concern him coming here. I'm just shocked that they would do that to anyone. Doesn't matter who. What if all of a sudden they coded out @berniesanders or @smooth because of a disagreement and those two worked together and started downvoting the crap out of the consensus peoples content? Hypothetical, and not a great comparison, but still possible. What if because you and I are not on an even keel with some others that we get coded out? What if there was a massive argument between @blocktrades and @someguy123 (not likely, but anything is possible) and they both conspire to lock each other out? Just doesn't seem right to me. Maybe my morals are getting in the way here, idk.