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RE: SunFork 22.2 (Weighing in on the Justin Sun Soft Fork)

All he can do is delegate and I am really scratching my head why that was even left on there

I think we all know it is because some of the forkers have a keen interest in keeping their misterdelegation or steemit delegations for as long as possible. Also, it would be kinda mean to the people currently receiving delegations to 'improve' steem.

I also use the term ninjamine in airquotes usually. I cannot help but notice some of the other famous ninjaminers didn't have their accounts frozen.

That said, I'm cool with freezing the stake, just because I am keen to see the drama (I don't like justin sun) and have no desire to sell out of this blockchain anytime soon (I was always skeptic about the immutability). I think the fellow needs his arm twisted a little and his ego brought down to earth. Let's see where this goes. I'm optimistic this will lead to good things.

I have the utmost respect now for @timcliff and @anyx, who have earned my witness vote for not applying the new fork

I think you need to check again ;)
I only removed one withness who changed, but several who didn't. To be honest, I think we should be wary of supporting those who didn't upgrade until they make a statement as some just don't fix what ain't broken.


I did, thank you. Have to edit the post now. At the time those 2 hadn't. Now it's just Timmy.