What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

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I typically go over to my sister in law's house and have Thanksgiving with my wife's family. She has a large family with lots of kids. I spend time with my family a few days before the holiday.

This year Covid has thrown a wrench into most plans and we are now spending Thanksgiving around a large bonfire instead attempting to social distance. Not what I would call an ideal plan, but it should be fun regardless.

I plan to bring my new Oculus Quest 2 for the kids to play with. Should prove to be challenging I suspect. Hopefully it makes it out on in one piece. Going to have to sanitize it after each use.

If you are in the US (or anywhere else that celebrates Thanksgiving), what are your plans?


That sounds great.
For my part I am with my wife and son.

This ed the second Christmas that we will spend away from our siblings, uncles, parents and friends.

We are from Venezuela but due to problems in our country we had to emigrate to seek a better future for our son.

It is sad to spend Christmas or any date away from that other part of your family since you feel that you are not sharing those moments of family union.

But I have learned that we can transmit that love energy across distance and that we can connect and feel that love.

Wow it's magical how true love can go so far.

From what I have heard, we are doing Christmas over zoom.

In the past I used to spend Christmas Eve at my parents, then go to my wife's family for the day after we opened up our presents.

This year we are opening presents with our son and just zooming unless it turns out to be another bonfire in snow. Who knows at this point.

No matter what we do, the most important thing is spending time with the family.

Give love and transmit good energy.


I'm just happy to be able to spend time in my new home and enjoy the mountains. Grateful to have the opportunity. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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The only change of plans this year for me is I won’t have to cook thanksgiving dinner. Otherwise, nothing else is changing. I just get to enjoy it with some family like I always do and hope no major fights break out. No one is going bug us around here for having people over.

You may not be celebrating Thanksgiving as you would normally do, but sitting around a campfire always proves to be a good time.

We have a very large family also, and usually, everyone comes to our farm for Thanksgiving. This will be the first time in many years that we will not be gathering at the farm, but with everything going on, everyone thought it best to put everything on hold and get together at a later date. three of our four children work in a hospital, and they are all seeing a spike in covid cases. for that reason we decided to play it safe.