Winners Of 💊COVID 19 Photography Contest...❗️

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We are really proud of all the great quality post we have seen since
the beginning of our contests. It was really hard to choose some days.
That is why in the second round we want you to choose.
We really want to thank you all for your great work.
You can see that the quality of Thai post is getting really good.
Thank You.


So The Winners Of COVID 19 Photography Contest Are ❕



รางวัลที่ 1. คุณ @yuza
ยุคของโรคภ้ย ไวรัสโควิด-19😪😪😪
7.000 Steem has been sent to your wallet.

Photo By คุณ @yuza


รางวัลที่ 2. คุณ @baiboua
4.000 Steem has been sent to your wallet.

Photo By คุณ @baiboua


รางวัลที่ 3. คุณ @kolkamkwan
รับแจกอาหารพงษ์ 1
3.000 Steem has been sent to your wallet.

Photo By คุณ @kolkamkwan


Thank You For The Good Work
For COVID 19 Photography Contest!




Thank you for visiting my post!


Nice posts! Getting better all the time!

Hi! How are you doing?!

You know about the secret hard fork by Sunny! Now, people can power down in 4 weeks instead of 13 weeks on Steemit platform.

Have you changed your power down?!
I don’t know what will happen when Sunny does his power down!! He may exchange the cryptos for Bitcoin!

Do you think Steemit will survive after 4 weeks?

One thing, I notice several Thai members are powering down on

Have they told you that they are finished with blogging?!

I think Hive platform is quite a good and promising!

The future of money is cryptos so I don’t understand why Thai people are planing to leave Hive?!

What are you thinking about this matter?!

I notice there are no new Thai people blogging. Must be because they could not write in English very well.

Hope you are well.

Take care.

Yes, I know about the secret HF this is the opposite of crypto and I hope the people who own TRX to understand how their money can be compromised. Sunny HF is to rewrite 65 balances of big fish accounts worse 5 million $ (those who oppose Sunny dictatorship) by this HF he shows us how much we cannot trust the guy. I think he will sink Steem, SBD, and replace it with TRX because his strategy is a big fail until now, and make Steemit a place for TRX holders.
Stay safe

Thank you very much for your reply!

Should you send a message in Thai telling people to power down?! Some people are very funny! They power down Hive accounts but do nothing to Steemit accounts!

I think most Thai people don’t know what is taking place!

Thank you.

I've got some free time today, I will write about it to be sure they get it right. I may have to post on both sides. Really this guy Sunny is really pushing things too far, it shows a lot what kind of guy he is and it isn't good for users. Hive seems to be way better at least they don't erase the wallet of people they don't like

We have about four weeks before they shut down Steem blockchain, if they want to do that!

Thank you for making a post in Thai language to warn people.