$10 Tuesday & #SPUD4 Combine Forces

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It’s that time of the week again my crypto stackin’ peeps. It’s $10 Tuesday and Bitcoin has been struggling to get back above that $10,000 mark. With #SPUD4 just around the corner I figured this would be a great way to do my typical $10 Tuesday buy-in but also do a bit of trading to prepare for #SPUD4 which is just around the corner.


First things first I gotta make a quick stop at the Bitcoin ATM and my boy @dandays taken care of for #tendollartuesday. Plus I might as well throw a little in while I am here. I swear it takes me less than a minute to buy $10 worth of Bitcoin for @dandays and I using the Bitcoin ATM. I am all about that SPEED


After slipping that $10 bill into the Bitcoin ATM the $10 Tuesday cheerleader was waiting outside to celebrate another $10 Tuesday in the books


So what is your excuse for not joining @professorbromide, @dandays and myself for #tendollartuesday. All you have to do is purchase $10 worth of your favorite crypto or even trade some crypto and post up about it. It’s a great way to stack a little crypto and score a couple upvotes from the #tendollartuesday crew.


Now let’s get into this whole #SPUD4 action that is coming up faster than I can get $10 into the Bitcoin ATM.

  • S ~ Steem
  • P ~ Power
  • U ~ Up
  • D ~ Day
  • 4 ~ Four

The 1st of August 2019


@grisvisa and @eddiespino

You have got to be Kidding me!! Have you seen all these prizes that are available?? It’s insane I tell you... INSANE

1st Place

  • 2500 Steem Power Delegation for 4 weeks - sponsor @xpilar
  • 1000 Steem Power Delegation for 4 weeks - @sultan-aceh
  • 20 Steem Basic Income Shares - Sponsor... your truly @jlsplatts
    *if first place is from Aceh, Indonesia then and additional 1000 Steem Power Delegation from @sultan-aceh

2nd Place

  • 1000 Steem Power Delegation for 4 weeks - sponsor @streetstyle
  • 10 Steem Power - sponsor @steemit-nz
    *if no 1st place from Aceh, Indonesia - 1000 Steem Power Delegation for 4 weeks - sponsor @sultan-aceh

3rd Place

4th Place

If you want a chance to take a dip into this big fatty prize pool, there are a few rules you will need to follow. Trust me they aren’t that bad, rather easy if you ask me.

Rules to Win Prizes for SPUD4:

  • MUST have a reputation score BELOW 69.00 ( so 68.99 is good & Can participate.) AND more than 75 STEEM POWER (prior to SPUD4) BUT LESS than 7501 Steem Power.
  • MUST have a reputation score ABOVE 42 (so rank of 41.99 will Not Win)
  • MUST have at least 1 Steem Post in their blog about SPUD4
  • MUST Power Up Steem on August 1st, 2019
    On August 1st, you MUST make a post about your POWER UP. It can be as simple as "I powered up X amount of Steem" to a simple picture/screenshot of your Power Up and posted to your Steem blog, or it could be a super long dissertation on Steem Power. IMPORTANT: Use the SPUD and/or SPUD4 Hash tags so that I can be sure to see them.

Ok so if you want more info then head on over to @streetstyle’s Post to get all the particulars of this epic event we call...



My Preparations

This is what I am doing to to help make this #SPUD4 event go down in the Steem History Books. Instead of going with the traditional Blocktrades I decided to use Changnow.io. I was able to get 7 more Steem than what Blocktrades offered.


Now I am pretty much 100% mobile guy. I do everything on my iPhone X including that above trade and this post. That trade took less than 10 minutes to complete. Who know I might get the itch to stack a little more Steem later on... who knows????

Get your last bit of Steem Stacked up and get ready to pull that trigger and make this #SPUD4 you biggest POWER-UP ever!!

Until next time...


Steem On


Cheers to
Let’s Make This Epic


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Btw, if you want to earn more SP for your gang, then it is better to start voting with your little account first and hammer with your whale account at the end. That way all those little splatz earn from your whale account, too. 👊

Shows how much I know about this curation madness. lol Thanks for the info, that is some good info to know. 👍🏻👍🏻👊🏼

I wish I had known about SPUD4! I powered up about 400 STEEM in the last week.

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I’ve been trying my best to promote it but sometimes it is hit and miss. That’s a good Power-Up!! Nice!! Well looks like you better buy 401 Steem and power it up on the 1st HAHAHA.
I powered up 1,000 about a month ago and I have been getting really bullish with Steem lately. I have a little over 2,000 I am powering up this time. Then I am going to get to stackin’ again. Lol

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Thats a real Crisp $10 🤣

Not the cheerleaders dude smh 🤪

If it’s in my pocket it goes in the ATM HAHAHA No dollar amount is safe. Lol.

What?!? You don’t like the $10 Tuesday Cheerleader? 😂🤣😂🤣

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If it’s in my pocket it goes in the ATM HAHAHA No dollar amount is safe. Lol.

What?!? You don’t like the $10 Tuesday Cheerleader? 😂🤣😂🤣

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You’ve got such a great posting style. And the stuff like the cheerleader. That’s funny. I’ll power up something tomorrow too. 👍🏿 “sent.”

Thanks for keeping me in the loop @jlsplatts.

Congratulations @jlsplatts!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

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