My Woman

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There comes a time when there is an unquantifiable joy in your heart.
There lies a story...


Where can I find her?
I searched everywhere for her but never found her.
At the right time she came my way.
She's ravishing,with a million dollar a smile
She makes me work my butt off
She's energetic and knows what she wants
She doesn't wait for me to provide because she works her butt off.
Shes good at what she does they'd why I strive to be better.
She's perfect in my eyes, finding her is the best thing that ever happened to me.
She has the most wonderful voice.
When she sings,the birds gather to listen.
Men alter no word when she talks.
She's a mother to our kids
I act like a child when she's around me.
God knows best because He preserved her for me.
I'd do what is necessary to make her smile because her silence causes my heart to bleed.
Oh, what a feeling!
When I'm down, I have a comforter
Always filled with joy.
Have I been mesmerized? I ask myself,
When you meet that one, that one special one, you just know she's the one.
Her presence causes my heart to skip two beats.
I see only her at all times,
Shes affectionate,always joyful,.
She's the best thing I found when life became life.
She's always supportive, always giving the Good vibe.
Oh, what joy she gives me
Our progeny is one of a kind because she's my woman.
She's my world.
I can only thank God for creating such a creature for me.
God bless the day you were concieved
God bless My Woman


Good write up bro. keep it up

Thanks man

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