Talos: memories, from their Cretan mythology to their failed military exoskeleton

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When a military project for the creation of a combat exoskeleton was publicized in 2013, well, all the Nerd alarms of video game fans, Japanese anime, science fiction movies and all the similar groups, sounded at full volume .

They were supposed to have an operational prototype by 2018, in fact, over the years some technologies derived from the core TALOS project were published in advance and released for application.

The name was related to an old part of the mythology of Crete, in the Mediterranean Sea, it is about a protector with a bronze body, practically invulnerable, although he later proved to have the same weakness as the heroic Achilles, that is, his ankle.


In this case, the idea of ​​a Talos was the same, to create a motorized support suit that would protect the user and support him for the development of his combat, escort and protection activities. In general it sounded good, but the reality of the technological limitations was showing that the dream was very ambitious.

Personally, I have conflicting feelings on this matter, on the one hand I would like an advance in the field of exoskeletons and enhancers of human capabilities, but on the other, I do not want the military forces from anywhere to have a new toy that makes them be more dangerous than they already are.

Source: "Iron Man" Soldier Suit Real? - TALOS | The Arms Guide

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