Grilled Cheese Toast Is Messing With Me!

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Before and after shot!


One thing I love about WildFit Program is the reset mode. WildFit taught me not to suppress the craving. Instead, turn it into healing. What makes sense is, our body craves for certain foods from time to time. I used to suppress my craving and it turns my feeling into anger, especially when I can't turn the craving into an experience. This may be a small issue for others, but suppressing feeling can damage the body and also create an unhealthy relationship with the food.

This is me today. I craved for Grilled Cheese Toast. The funny thing is, I have lactose intolerance and I just recovered from diarrhea, but the body seems to want grilled cheese toast. Am I sabotaging my body through craving? What this craving is all about? After nearly a day sitting with the craving, I decided to give the body what it wants but it's going to be a conscious eating process.

I bought a ready-made sandwich (which is half and small) from a bakery shop and made some improvement on it. I added butter (not WildFit friendly), salt and honey... And I grilled it on a pan.

Through WildFit program, we are taught that craving has a process where you can turn it into healing. The result is food freedom. As much as I want the Grilled Cheese Toast, I just ate half of it and the body signaled me to stop. As right now, I don't feel as craving as hours ago and I am inspired to share the story. Emotionally speaking, there is no changes in my emotions before and after. I do feel that there is a past memory attached to this toast but I can't recall it right now.

So this is how we heal through food. Never suppresses the craving but at the same time, approach the feeling consciously and be gentle with your body.


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Thank you for reading, I hope this can shed some lights on your journey!
Blessing to you all.

Comment and share your thoughts with me if you like.

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I love the idea of taking a craving, and turning it into something healing (especially when it involves one of my all time favorite sandwiches!). Thanks for sharing, @roselifecoach!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts too and the resteemed @traciyork!

Salt and honey... that is an interesting addition to a cheese toastie! I feel like I should try it... but it also just sounds a touch weird for me!

Hmmm, it sort of like eating sea salt ice cream or chocolate, with combinations of salty and sweet, you just need to taste it. 😉

Oh yes, I LOVE salty Caramel! I know it!

Oh my goodness, something must be wrong with me as I never crave for anything?
A strange thing indeed as I simply eat what I am given.
My wife has a food degree and she cooks what is called healthy meals and I can just not be bothered.
Maybe I am lucky?

You are absolutely the luckiest man my friend!!!

Agree. It is necessary to listen to the body - sometimes it requires quite logical things))

It's true @amalinavia. The body will tell us the right thing for us.

Satisfy the body's desire and get healed =) ❤️

Yup! 😀

I heal my cravings with a quart of ice cream or sherbet @roselifecoach 🤣🤣🤣

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Ah... that's heaven @wonderwop!!!

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Thank you.

I once heard an advertisement for a class teaching people how to make grilled cheese sandwiches. I guess you would be a great teacher for this class.

Haha, I watched Youtube, they re my teachers!

I fell in love!


This is a very interesting idea. Were you okay physically after eating the amount of cheese that you did?

I love grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, from one of the lunches we got at my elementary school cafeteria. Wonderful on a cold day!

I try not to eat too much because the body still cannot take it yet.

Cravings are really challenging! I remember reading that we often crave what we are allergic to, or what is not handled well by our body. I don’t know why that would be, or if there is any science behind it!

But I like your method of addressing the craving by having a little bit of it, instead of depriving yourself. I have heard of several dietary programs that advocate that very thing. Like Noom, I believe.

What if you got yourself some dairy free cheese, like almond or soy cheese? Would that help the craving, or will only the real deal do?

I know exactly what you mean by past memories around certain foods. There are things I want and don’t know why, but they are often attached to vague memories of things my mother made or other experiences I had as a child. I rarely eat fried food but when I crave it, I believe the feeling is connected back to my mother’s cooking — her delicious fried chicken that was battered and fried in oil and was so delicious we would practically faint every time she made it.

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Ah, thank you for your lovely comments dear @jayna. I try not to keep cheese at home so that I don't have to worry about cheating! I totally gets what you mean, I have my fair share of mom's memories too.

I am lactose intolerant too. But I've found that cheddar cheese is ok. Just remember that most fresh cheese is high in lactose compared to aged cheese.

So, what cheeses can lactose-intolerant folks actually eat?

Muenster: 0-1.1% lactose range.
Camembert: 0-1.8% lactose range.
Brie: 0-2% lactose range.
Cheddar: 0-2.1% lactose range.
Provolone: 0-2.1% lactose range.
Gouda: 0-2.2% lactose range.
Blue: 0-2.5% lactose range.
Parmesan: 0-3.2% lactose range.

In Lak'ech,


Wow, thanks for all the useful information @jaichai!

That just looks so delicious! I think this is why we should be mindful on what we eat to be able to heal our body. THanks for sharing this with us and have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by too!