Updated Hive Power delegation via DLease

in teammalaysia •  2 months ago 

In spite of the effort to continually obtain ROI from this blockchain, I have updated my HP in DLease. Well, it was done automatically of course and that made my job even more easier. @DLease is a great platform in Hive where user can actually lend their HP in return of Hive. User can actually select and view their ROI within agreement lenght before making any lease.


Imagine if you have much bigger HP, you can actually make bigger passive income. That's where I am heading and I am excited!

Therefore, moving towards bigger HP is achieveable here on Hive. It only requires you time and content to make Hive or Hive Power. What comes next is simply within your imagination!

Here, my DLease has just been updated and I am happy about. This is just another way to simply make profit here on Hive.


I know there are other ways to earn Hive or Hive Power. It's the matter of planning your way through and realize them.

I wished platform like DLease can be added into the @peakd hive wallet to make it convenient for user to go back and forth in DLease.

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