More Meetup during Steemfest week

in hive-127719 •  9 months ago  (edited)

this is when @waybeyondpadthai starts to get a little OD from selfies

While many are asleep and planning for #beersaturday this evening.

We had a little side trail adventure to another "enclosed freezer" like @detlev mentioned yesterday 😂 to learn learn something new at the same time realising 99% of us there are not only Steemians, we have TEAM MALAYSIA occupying the major percentage turn out haha.

Guess we never stop learning.

And will never stop meeting awesome people.

(and adopting more into teammalaysia along the way 😜.... Because we found a lost sheep who was away from Steemit and now he'll be ready to make a come back)

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Awesome and funny @waybeyondpadthai face 😂😂

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Haha it was indeed!

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Haha have fun! Enjoying reading up Steemfest post.