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Little Vinnie is turning six this May. And it's her last year in kindergarten. We have started to plan for her party pack. Yup... Her kindergarten has this culture of birthday boy/girl will be preparing party pack for everyone in the class.

Every year we will handmade some craft/gift as party pack. So this year we are doing paper quilling again. Yeah, but slightly different then the last time. A few of you in Team Malaysia have received the paper quilled hearts from my girls before.

This year, since Vinnie has grew up a little more and her quilling skills has increased a bit more, same goes with her big sisters especially Halley.

They are challenging more difficult designs this year. Here's what they have in mind. Practice round.



Mommy, that's me, just provides the papers and tools... And a little guidance... Minimal help... Big sister, Halley has everything in mind... 😀

We will have about three months time to finish twenty nine party packs. Hopefully everything planned will be executed smoothly. 😁😁😁


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