CNY Special with Lego

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Yesterday daddy brought us to MidValley Megamall... WALK... SMILE... and PLAY!!!

The CNY theme at MidValley is special... yup... the center court is filled with Lego!!! The main decorations are made with Lego!




The lions are made with Lego!!! And here's the special Lego set for sale... this consists of two sets, one is the temple set and another is the lion dance set.



Here's another version.


They have lots of activities for kids and Lego lovers...

My girls joined one of the activities. Making the Chinese drum with Lego... quite challenging but interesting...








And here's the drum made by Vinnie with some of mommy's help... ❤❤❤


Happy Vinnie!!! 😉😁😊

Wish everyone a Happy Prosperous Wealth and Healthy Rat Year!!! HUAT ah!!!



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Awesome CNY Lego themed! It must be challenging to build a massive one !

It should be very challenging and must have used up many hours to build it.

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Thanks!!! ❤❤❤

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That's a favorite toy around the world, isn't it? My children loved Lego, and so does my granddaughter.

I guess it is one of the favorite toy around the world not just to the younger ones... It's for all ages.