My lil boy got scammed online

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As a parent, we try to support our kids to keep up with the trend and especially during the lockdowns, the only way they kept up with their friends is to play game online. My lil boy who was about 11 years old started playing with his friends on a game well known called Minecraft Hipixel.

The whole game is an MMORPG where they play with people from all around the world, doing quests and dungeons and stuff togather. Sounds like a great way to pass time while on lockdown isnt it ?

Well ... after over a month of playing, as my son was playing one afternoon without his friends as his friends were not online then .. suddenly he ran out of his room and ran to his brother telling him that he "lost" all his things which he had grinded for over a month.

Sensing that something was wrong as I've not seen my lil boy in such a panic state, I went to check it out. And my suspicions was true enough ....

he was scammed !!! and everything was stolen from his virtual character

As someone who plays these kind of MMORPG games before, I totally get it and understand the sick feeling of someone stealing your stuff.

However its really sad that kids have to learn the hard truth of not trusting people from online games and at such a young age. I start to wonder how this event would effect his life in the future .. would it be good as he has learned not to trust people so easily ? or would it be a negative effect ?

I guess as a parent we want to try to protect our kids as much as we can, however as how easily our kids are able to gain information these days and also how hi-tech these scammers / cheaters / conman are ... we may need to start re-writing our rule book on how to keep our kids safe yet not over protecting them.

Anyway ... he's happy now as with the help of his brother, he managed to gain back almost everything he lost however its truly a lesson learned.

Cheers all and have a great weekend.


Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

Poor boy! It's the 1st time I hear about this. I will definitely have my eye on my kids after this especially online games.

I see this experience as a good thing. Lesson learned :D