RE: We disagree on masks and vaccine passports because our immortality tickets look different.


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First of all, "Modern Allopathic Medicine" only deals with ⅐th of the human body.
How can such ignorant people talk about longevity in any meaningful way?

Next, what is going to happen is that people who try to live longer by these methods funded and tried by the aristocracy will now shorten people's lives.
That heart, the one you took from a kid who had no freedom, well that heart is going to remember... and just quit. (and since they didn't keep their half of the bargain for that soul's life, then it is going to come back really painful.)
The elite's lives will be cut short.
"Modern Allopathic Medicine" will shorten people's lives.

The Plandemic has already taken about 5 years off of everyone's lives.
This will become apparent. And then God help those Media talking heads. Body guards will not be enough.

The "Vaccines" (and i use quotes because they had to change the definition of vaccines to call these things vaccines) are going to kill a lot of people and sterilize even more. God help those who administered these "Vaccines".

Lastly, good people who do things such as meditate and live a balanced life with love and joy will start living longer. Much longer. And this will be done in a myriad of ways such as much better food. Energy (sound & light) healing. A far better understanding of the body that will make modern medicine look even worse than leaches.

Further, i must talk about the metaphysical. Not everyone looks for eternal life.
There are many reasons to die.
And once you know God's plan, and how the wheel of life works, you will understand it as walking through a door of your greater life(s)

These things are confirmable to yourself as personal experiences.
There is only a veil keeping your from seeing the bigger picture, from seeing God. And the veil can be moved aside by you.


A very good comment, I agree on all points. Modern medicine is like a shopkeeper's shop and the patient is this shop on which they hold themselves harmless. The body is handled like a vessel that can be filled with all kinds of drugs, and the organs and all parts of the body are regarded like a spare parts store, like an object. The pain, the trauma that modern medicine leaves people with often saves their lives, but the price to pay is a lifelong fear of the body failing again and a lifelong dependence on drugs. The modern person who surrenders one hundred percent to medicine is content with a henceforth miserable life because he fears death too much.

The bloody act of organ transplantation on the previous, still living human being, a downright cannibalisation of all available parts, a gruesome business. Only those who reject their compassion and humanity can be capable of such a thing.

There is not a single reason for me to live forever.