Tavern Games - Earn steem while being medieval

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Tavern Games @taverngames

Hello friends, this time I want to tell you that thanks to a suggestion from @crypto.piotr I am encouraged to try this game that operates under the steem blockchain.

It is a light, very entertaining game that emulates what it literally says: taverns games.

Its interface is light, I was testing it from my cell phone and it works smoothly, without any problem.

The game has until the moment of writing this review, two modalities: The goblin Prince and The blind Rune, I must say that my favorite is the blind Rune.
They are gambling, the classic model of number games, where you must guess if the number that will come out is greater, equal, or less.

The interesting thing is that the interface is very entertaining, it has a guide with colorful characters that guide you in what to do since you start the game.

The game

The interesting thing is that in this game you have the possibility to win steem immediately, the transaction is done in a matter of a few seconds and the amount you have won is automatically sent to your steemit wallet.

The game provides 3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and difficult. They differ in that the greater the difficulty, the greater the prize you get.

Here you can see the proof of it.

User Interface

The design is very friendly, and rescues the spirit of what is a medieval tavern, quite pleasant and very addictive. In about 10 minutes I managed to get about 5 profit steem.

The system uses steemconnect so operations are safe and remain safe.
The same game guides you intelligently, you only choose how much steem you want to invest and when confirming the operation they become coins of the game that you then exchange for sacks of gems that you will use to place your bets in the game.

The gameplay is quite high, using my tlf I had no problem, I never got stuck.

i invite you to try the game at:


Note : the photos are my property and were taken using the camera of my cellphone Krip K4

¡See you on my next post!

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Hello friend @reinaldoverdu
Games are not my thing, but I see that it's not bad to win 5steem in 10 minutes, when it takes me up to two hours or more to write a publication and sometimes my publications can't even reach a steem. So this is a great achievement. And that you can do it from your phone, great. It really is.

I've known good earnings while having fun at steem monster, even though I've never played it, I've never actually played anything online. But this seems to be pretty viable. And nothing complicated. Thanks for bringing it over.

Thanks friend, i do my beat uso g the phone, sometímes like today triying to cross difficulties with internet, electricity AND stuff; mading more hard to answer post AND comment, well you know.
I apreciate tour comment & support 🌷

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I haven't had a chance to find this information. Thank you for sharing.

pd: i'm your referral

Thanks, i wish you earn some Steem with this. Is very Easy AND fun. Thanks for your support, spread the voice! 👍☮️

Sweet game!!! Right on!

yes, Is an awesone game, i really reccomend it. Wish you enjoy it. ☮️

Thanks for your effort reviewing and writing your short opinion about us!
We really appreciate all the work you have done. :)

thanks @taverngames, if I had a computer I would make a longer review, but from cell phone it is more difficult
The game is very good, I am pleased that you appreciate it, I hope you keep it. Thank you for your support and comment.

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It is even better that you showed it using the cell phone.
It will show how much effort we put into optimizing it for mobiles as well :)

I'll try it soon. I love games and also 😬 faucets to collect some cryptos, even better when it comes to Steem.Thanks for sharing. 👍😊

You área welcome, personally i love this game, it has other features, for example bet boosters that helps you when you win(More earnings). Is very fun.
Wish you enjoy it

I have to take a little more confidence, but it's very nice. Hey if you find any tricks let me know.😉😁

Excellent review, friend @reinaldoverdu.

I really liked this game since I tried it.
It is explanatory and friendly. We have a real chance of winning.

I like Tavern Games!

yes, indeed Is a very noche game.
Thanks for stopping by & let me your kind comment Pal ☮️

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