Stuffed Pooris ~ Cheaply AmazinG!

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Hello Foodies,

I and my buddy recently visited a shop which was selling fried stuff and sweets.


Here's something which proved to be a great buy. It seemed somthing like Stuffed Poori.


I really admit that the food was so good that we ordered some more of the same. We got it for very cheap prices and were served with the gravy at the same time which was not charged more if we took some extra of it.

Though the food quality was amazing at the prices it was offered but on the other hand the restaurant was not much maintained, though it was a real small one.


But overall the Pooris were great to eat at real cheap prices :)

My Rating ~ 2/5

Restaurant Information

Barshan Sweets
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Stuffed Pooris ~ Cheaply AmazinG!
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Okay, next time, please take more picture of the place and don't forget to try to add clearly description.

Thanks for your attention. We look forward to your better review.


Definitely, will pay more attention to add clear descriptions with more photos :)

Will bring a better review from now ons :)


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Hey, I think this is a takeaway service and not kind of restaurant. Your post seem not really clearly.

Hi, No no mam, it's not.

It's a small shop I took a picture of the frontal sweet showcase and the tables on which we ate it.

I can add more pictures of the place if you want me to.

I'm sorry, i'll try to make my posts clear from next time with more photos of the place :)

The pooris look delicious