Health+ Taste+ Tradition

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You all must be wondering about the title, what kind of combo is Health+ Taste+ Tradition?
Let me disclose it here,
It's an Indian desert called Gajak

My mother made this delicious desert today it is quite simple and unique.
Here's the ingredients you need-

  • peanuts
  • jaggery
  • desi ghee (clarified butter)

That's it!

let's learn how to prepare it now
Take a pan, heat it up and pour ghee into it, 2 tablespoons are enough. Put jaggery and peanuts into heated ghee, and stir it continuously untill the mixture becomes sticky but without any lump.
Now let it cook with little of bubbles.

Just take it off from stove and let it get cool for a while , after it gets hard use knife and cut it into the shape you desire.
we prefer square here, clearly because it's easy :p

Why I mentioned traditional in the title is only because it's made in India since so long now, it is a winter desert as jaggery, peanut and ghee keeps you warm and healthy without compromising the taste, trust me it's mouthwatering.
Since my childhood my beloved mother cooks this delicious desert which the entire family enjoys.


In love with Gajak,try it too! And trust me you'll fall in love too!

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looks nice. Seems easy to make too... all good things. That second photo though... how did you get a gravity-free room in your house?

hahaha! Actually I don't know why all the pictures are uploading upside down, rest two pictures were of certain perspective because of which the change wasn't visible. You can also try to make Gajak at home Anyways thanks for your attention, keep flourishing.

Hey! It seems to be delicious, probably my sister would cook this today. The efforts made into post are clearly visible.

Thank you for appreciating.